Possible 5v5 format?


So I was thinking, if this game really wants to be an epsort it needs a way to include 5 members of a team. So I thought of how Evolve esport can work. Have of a team of 5. 4 are the hunters and they try take down the opposing team’s monster. And your team’s monster takes on the the opposing team. Whoever can knockout the opposing monster wins the round. If the monster defeats said opposing team, the round automatically ends and the that monster’s team is winner of round.

Players roles are randomly selected. This focuses on skill, efficiency, and masterly of each class. Furthermore it can be a best 5 so everyone can possibly rotate each position once.

Anyone else thinks this is cool idea? Me and my friends have been talking about it and really are hoping this game can succeed in a competitive scene.


You really should read other posts before posting, I suggest you have a look see. Not being rude, just letting you know that you’re late to the party.


lol… esport AND random roles? nope.