Possible 5th monster tease?

So, another thread was using this video to discuss issues with the way Torvald shoot the shotgun. That thread can be found elsewhere. However, when I started to watch this video I noticed 2 glowing red eyes doing some sort of attack animation.

It can be seen starting around the 5-6 second mark. Notice the eyes.


They are narrow and slanted in, almost like a Protoss character. This is Goliath.


Notice that his eyes are MUCH further apart and more spherical, not slanted.

Kraken has 4 eyes, Wraith has… well no eyes for the most part, and Behemoth has 6 eyes. Could this be an easter egg that we’ve had in front of us all along about the 5th monster? The attack animation seems quite quick as well. What do you guys think?

Edit: Looks like it pretty much is Kraken :frowning: Sorry to get your hopes up. However, the sound is definitely NOT Kraken so who knows :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome find.

For the lazy:




Yeah it definitely reminded me of Zeratul and doesn’t seem to resemble Goliath.

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Ah good you got the swipe. I’m really limited on my work chromebook to show all the frames :slight_smile:

Thats Kraken Cow, its the tier 2 beginning thing, even had Hyde, Mags, Bucket and Laz for hunters.


Wow looks like a tease! It thought it was a wraith, but they doesn’t have any eyes so can’t be the wraith.

Maggie is T1. not T2.

Upon further review, I believe that it has a tail.

Maggie USED to be T2 was long ago :slight_smile:

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yeah, def not wraith… though it would seem to be another stealthy monster…

She used to be tier 2, this is footage from the tease/reveal type thingy for tier 2

Or agile. A quick monster maybe?

I say stealthy due to the low growl you can here. Its deep and quiet

…I just noticed the Evolve logo was wrong as well.

I’m just going to leave this here :wink:


It could also just be a REALLY outdated background they were using. This is what Goliath originally looked like. It kind of has slanted eyes. It could just be old modeling.


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See, I was thinking it could be that as well without the open eyes. I know that you had the blue eyes open reveal during the Kraken reveal trailer and they seemed to fit, I was just hoping for something else :stuck_out_tongue: Or… it could be displacement and you’re trying to hide the evidence :smiley:

(most likely it was Kraken since it has to deal with T2)

they are good at this easter egg game. but our forum team is better at finding them.

GREAT FIND TEAM. (I did nothing)

well if we go in the order of balance.

tank to stealth

it would make sense to balance the scales with another lower hp does cool things in order to win monster. plus it will make t4 hunters obsolete lol. i hope its a dam cat!