Possibility for Wave 4 DLC sale via Xbox Live Sale/Deals with Gold?


(Please mind my spelling. I have a disability and that’s all I’m going to say on the matter)

Anyways, What are the chances that that wave 4 (The new moster and the 4 hunters,) will eventually go on sale (Particularly on Xbox in my case).
I do intend to get all the character DLC eventually because I love this game and think it has great potential. I’d even call it the savoir of modern day arena multiplier games. However, I’ve already bought Slim and Crow and considering buying Behemoth now, but I still haven’t made up my mind. With the viral campaign again this game still fresh (Thanks Angry Joe) I want to support Evolve as much as possible to ensure its success and the creation future content.

Anyways if a sale does happen, when do you think it will be?

(Also, if I could go off topic for a moment, please add RS27 to your friends list if you need a Medic, Trapper, or a Monster on Xbone).


Your spelling is fine. Don’t let anyone bother you for it. :smile:

I think a few sales would be excellent for business at this point.


I second that – your spelling is better than many who don’t have a disability! :laughing:


Yeah…I see so many posts around here that literally make me want to DRIVE MY FIST THROUGH A WALL.

Now that that’s done.


I think this is the first time Google Chromes auto-correct didn’t mess me up.


Its hard to say with xbox when this stuff could go on sale. It still pretty new, so I would think maybe a month before we would see a sale.


Tell me about it…My Autocorrect is Satanic.


I wrote a post on my phone where I typed the phrase “think they” and it auto-corrected to “honk the Hinkley” (just now it corrected phone to fine and didn’t correct “ryped”).


Exactly! I’ll accidentally type-

“Bakc” instead of “Back” and nothing.

You do NOT want to know what it corrects some of my stuff to… :fearful: