Possibilities for Monsters


We’re always talking about new monsters. What if we had a monster that got different abilities each time it evolved. Here’s my pitch:
(Note: Don’t move this to the monster ideas thread this belongs on its own as a separate concept.)
Stage 1: Goat Man Form (Jump traversal)
Only 3 accessible abilities
Fire Breath
Stage 2: Goat Lion Form
Gains second head and two legs
Ability allocation resets 6 points available
Fire breath from two heads
Wind Blast
Bite and drag
Pressure field (dot field similar to aftershock)
Traverses by sprint with behemoth type bar
Stage 3: Chimera Form
Gains dragon head and bat wings
Reallocation of points 9 available
3 head fire breath
Tornado spin (where chimera spins like at tornado doing damage and knock back)
Wildlife Control (all nearby wildlife targets selected Hunter)
Wind blast (sniper like high damage precision required shot)
Traversal is wraith like but using wings so slower and farther
Each form eats at a faster rate stage 1 at 75%. 2 is normal. 3 is 1.25 times.
I may not respond till tomorrow thoughts would be nice. I’m ok with people saying its be too expensive it’s just a concept.


There’s already a thread for this. @Buckets_Sentry_Gun @ToiletWraith


Yep! We have a thread that’s dedicated to Monster ideas like yours!


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