Possessed Mammoth bird?

Is this satan spawn a feature or a glitch? I don’t play arena much so I wouldn’t know if he comes up every time on this map or anything, but this guy was intent on killing me


…That one is black and red and spasming…Christ it’s scary.

It’s actually implemented into that map.

It’s an aggressive Mammoth Bird from the Evac effect.

It wasn’t evac, just arena

I know but what I’m saying is that form of a Mammoth Bird originated in Evac when you get the aggressive wildlife effect after losing as a Hunter on Distillery.


Oh hey, a Mammoth Bird I hoped never to see outside Evacuation. AND it’s seizing very eerily!

Because Mammoths needed help being the literal spawns of Satan O.o

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Someone get the holy water.

This was an amazing capture!


Not even in Evac but conquering the rest?..hell nah

If someones adds a horror soundtrack, that would be awesome xD

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Jeez that thing is creepy. It SOO wants you dead.

That is an Aggro-Wildlife Mammothbird… Usually only present when the Aggro-wildlife map effect is enabled… Until now… now there are some of them on that Murder Pits arena… MUHAHAHA! They will go out of their way to kill hunters whenever possible!


So very evil. :frowning:

6th monster confirmed…

7th actually, I think the 6th is METEOR GOLIATH :stuck_out_tongue:

Like the normal ones don’t already? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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More so… you don’t even need to approach the aggro mammoth birds… they will seek you out as soon as they spawn :wink:


That’s horrifying

I love it!

I mean…I hate it while I’m playing as hunter and have to deal with that…but at the same time I love the mechanic that it’s out there and I HAVE to deal with it. I guess I’m a mammsochist lol.