Positional audio for the win


Hey who of you has some sort of positional audio? I think the smallest setup that gets you anywhere is 5.1 surround.

I’ve got such a setup and i can really recommend it. The positional audio is quite good in Evolve and sometimes I know where to go only because of the audio clues, Goliath’s leaping sound for example.

if you consider a surround setup would you buy an amp and a pick and choose collection of four speakers and a sub or rather one of those all in one solutions that the bigger tv manufacturers have on offer?


I have boxed 5.1 setup (Onkyo) which works well for me, but the difference when using my Astro’s is incredible.


I have one earphone that works, and they’re the old kind from Apple.



Running the Razer Tiamat 7.1 headset, and it’s amazing. It’s almost as good as having permanent animal sense.


you mean like one half of a stereo headphone?
how do you even win like that :wink:



But one is busted.

EDIT: Pictures not uploading. Grrr.


Onkyo is good quality i don’t know what Astro is though.

I have a Denon amp with Elac boxes, works like an A

That’s what i appreciate about consoles, it’s easier to setup surround sound. A PC is often underneath a desk and then where would you put those speakers?

surround headphones are nice as well. But mostly theycome with more cables than i can count and an instruction manual that kind of reads like a sudoku turned upside down


why wouldn’t you get a new one?

it’s a cool thing to have, just get yourself some nice high quality stereo headphones and you can also use them for your spotify and other stuff. It’s a good thing


I’m laaaaaazy…You have to choose one, and then find it, and then buy it…nnnggngnhnhnh.


Yeah sure but it’s worthwhile.

Im sure you have some stores where you can try out headphones and then choose one. I wouldn’t buy one without testing it, because the technical data etc don’t necessarily mean it’s gonna sound nice.

I can vouch for any headphones from Panasonic and Sony and Bang & Olufsen though. There you simply can’t buy wrong, if you look at a price range above, say 120 bucks or so


Yeeeeeaaaaaah, I’ll do it, I’ll do it…Later. :wink:


Astro’s are surround heads, and now they come cordless…unfortunately mine are last generation. Still great quality though!


Why are cordless headsets such a big deal? :stuck_out_tongue: Is the cord that much of a bother?


Yes it is.


Sound design in general has came a long way in recent years… Just a simple stereo headset will blow your mind.


Nyeeeh… I prefer using headphones, you get so much more information out of sound with them…
Got some Steelseries Siberia V2 headset the other day, cause my other set died last week :<


I like how you heard the tyrant growl and I did with my terribad earphone but @Shin didn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:


Tyrant roar in the background
“He just took a Tyrant”
“wait, thats a tyrant dying?”


I was listening to music, and had only one headphone on my left ear. ~shrugs~


I never knew that was a Tyrnat death sound! I always thought it was like a wildlife mating call or something. :stuck_out_tongue: