Positional Audio Errors [PC]


Title says all, the positional audio in the game does not behave the way it should work. IE if I know the hunters are to my left but they use their jetpacks, it will sound as if they are to my right or something.

It also sounds as if they are closer or farther than they really are. When I was playing a game with my buddies as Behemoth, when I Evolved they said it sounded as if I was right on-top of them, yet I was across the map…

Thought I’d bring this up so this can get looked into as well. As always though: Is anyone else getting this problem or is it just me and my buddies?

Thanks @Quirkly for reminding me to put platform.


Ive been having this as well, glad im not crazy
Edit: PS: this is on PC, you guys may wanna clarify platform just to give out more info


I’ve experienced this as well. I often hear jet packs being very close to me when they’re not there, often in the wrong direction. Once on Distillery I chased a cloaked “jetpack” into a corner where after the match the mini-map showed the hunter going the complete opposite direction while I ran circles in the corner. I actually made a post earlier thinking I was hearing artifacts, fake “jetpacks”, but it seems my experiences match what others are saying here.


Same here.

As monster I heard somejet pack in my right. I’ve waited a long time for them to leave the area but the sound stayed for like 2 minutes. So I decided to move and at the ends of the round in the replay map, hunters were FAR AWAY from where I was when I waited for them to leave.


Alright, so 3 people have also encountered this including my three buddies so it could be well-spread.

@MacMan Can your team add this onto the list?


I never know as monster if the sound I’m hearing is jetpack or if it’s supposed to be something ambient like wind or something. Whatever that sound is, it always sounds like it’s right on top of me so I’m always paranoid about where the hunters are when I can’t smell them. I’ve experienced this from day 1, so I still don’t know whether or not it’s supposed to be jetpack sound or just the wind.

The evolve roar seems to also have random volume. Sometimes it sounds like it’s on the other side of the map but it’s under 100m away and sometimes it sounds like it’s right on top of you and then you see birds 250m away.


Yes, the positional audio has confused the shit out of me several times.


I want to note that my experience was on the PS4, seeing that the topic is designated PC.


Almost a month later and this still bugs the hell out of me. @MacMan @MrStrategio am I in a minority here? I’ve learned to play with this, if I hear jetpacks heading north I head south instead to find the hunters, buts very annoying and the jetpacks sound like their in your ear (very loud) as well (Its sounds just like the Torvald audio glitch where you heard his shotgun everywhere.)


I don’t know if it’s the same thing but I bugged this a couple days ago and it has been fixed, so it should make it into a future title update.


Awesome to hear! Thank you.