Poor Parnell, why must he suffer ;_;

No one likes Parnell for some reason he’s always forgotten in the shadows ;_;

Some quick questions about him.

Do you like his personality?

  • yes
  • no
  • he’s ok I guess

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Do you like his kit?

  • yes
  • no
  • neither

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Is he a good assault if used correctly?

  • yes
  • no
  • all the assaults can beat him if used correctly

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Is he viable in compitetive?

  • yes
  • no

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Does he need any changes?

  • yea
  • nah he’s good.

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I feel that Parnell is the Assault that has the most easily noticed skill gap. IE… A great Parnell does massive damage. An average one is subpar. I think he’s pretty good spot tbh.


I totally agree with you, but why do you think not many people use him is it that he’s to difficult to master? Or personal preference?

I just like Torvald better. Very obvious when you’re using him correctly. High oh shit factor for the monster.


Psst… It’s cuz his Rocket Launcher gets out-damaged by a Slingshot.


High skill floor. When you aren’t a good Parnell you notice as most of the time you might not even break armor and your team is dead. Other assaults have a lower skill floor and even average players can get decent damage due to mines/lighting/flamethrower/mortars

Parnell must feel bad a lot because he constantly sees people on the Evolve forums making threads about him.

He’s my fav character i just want people to be afraid of him cuz when ever people see him they’re like “oh it’s Parnell he won’t do anything”.

When they see me I get 50% of they’re health on the evolve as punishment for under estimating him.

And yes I’m sure he feels very bad for everyone not liking him ;_; he kills himself in order to save the team and this is what he gets

Gotta learn 2 jetpack manage, people say it’s about aiming but you just gotta not blow your load too quickly.
Works for me at least

I think he just needs a buff to his rockets, rather in damage (preferably) or his hip fire accuracy… Any thoughts?

Honestly, Parnell is my favorite assault. He’s just the most direct hardmode character out there. The only reason why I don’t play him more often is because I don’t like playing him without a good medic.

I think his rockets are fine, the way I use them makes them do nothing but add damage to the fight.

Yea thats really important with Parnell if you wanna catch the monster evolving or if the monster start mitigating.

You’re my best friend from now on.

Plz tell me you’re on ps4 ._.

Nope, PC. Sorry guy.

Well, that’s not specifically what I meant.
That’s the first thing people think about when the monster is evolving but I just like doing consistent damage with him without expending too much jetpack and then becoming power incarnate when I see an opportunity.
Like rock wall gets used or supernova, then it is my time.
But yeah I only play him with my stack and we run Val, it’s pretty goat fam

A very interesting tactic gonna try it myself and see how it works, glad to know there are other awesome Parnell players out there.

We will make sure he is never forgotten

You just gotta be PATIENT man, sure you can take reload and start shooting off your super soldier everytime the monster comes close to you but then you might miss something great. Hugging behemoth is great and all but if you keep a kinda healthy distance on high ground then jump that rock wall you will do DISGUSTING damage to him, you see him put his paws to the ground?
Hero mode, baby.
I mean, I’m only silver destroyer but goddamn I can make those health bars drop when YBvegrs on Parnell

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I’m still trying to get a good tactic to use on kraken with him but so far I have to rely on my team to bring it down. That’s why I think his rockets should be buffed

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That’s funny Kraken is actually my favourite monster to play against as him.
Not done it for a while though everyone plays wraith in my games, which is totally fine by me that monster is slooooooowwwww

Head shots, it’s difficult I know but at least try I go movement speed and I hope I find a kraken that doesn’t pick movement or traversal increase cuz I’ll be next to them when they evolve BOOM half there health gone.

Kraken is my fav when I’m Parnell :smiley:

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