Poor Network Connectivity - Server Side?


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I believe this could be a bug with the recent hotpatch for consoles. If it needs to be moved to another section, please move it for me.

Here is the issue. I keep getting the statement: “Poor Connectivity…” blah blah blah.
Well can someone figure this out for me?
I have a solid connection. PS4 is reading 30mb/s DL 3mb/s UL (Hard Wired). PC is reading 55.82 mb/s DL, 4.27 mb/s UL (Hard Wired).

All reports above have been during NON-PEAK hours, including the Connectivity Issue. That is not to say it doesn’t happen during peak hours, but it’s to be expected at times.

It’s not my connection. And this has been happening frequently since the hotpatch for PS4. Any word? Thanks in advance.

If you are having this issue, let Turtle Rock Studios and Evolve know!

Edit1: Sometimes this follows with a game hang or a dropped connection to the server, yet this does not affect the party I am in on PSN.


Have you restarted the application? And if so does the problem persist?


Yes I have restarted the application completely. I have cleared my PS4’s cache as well as done a full shutdown/restart.

It is almost like it is a normal issue and I should be used to it by now.

The issue I am describing just to be clear for further reference is not related to the suspend issue that has been covered by many others in the forums.


Your download speed doesn’t matter, it can’t tell you anyting for sure. It’s ping, jitter, and packet-loss you have to worry about. Check pingtest.net and read what you get there when things are working normally and also when they are not.

There could also be an ISP issue. Do other games work at the same time Evolve does not? Could your roomates be downloading while you’re playing?

Also, how does Evolve work? Are there official servers with hit detection or is it client-based?


From my PC I have a 0% Packet Loss, 32ms for Ping in California (102 to the UK), and 0 for Jitter in California (1 for UK).

I have set my MTU Setting at 1450 and am now questioning if this could be the underlying issue. DL and UL speeds do matter. I’m not sure where you’re getting the idea that they don’t. Extra bandwith provides you with a more reliable ping, less packet loss, and less jitter.

If you were to compare something to someone who has no idea and has 10mb/s DL and 1.8mb/s UL versus my connection, there will be much more Packet Loss, Jitter, and a higher Ping.

When Evolve starts to give me issues, I usually end up switching to GTA5 or Destiny. Both of which seem to be working 100% fine right after I start them up. I haven’t tried FFXIV after Evolve has the issue though. That would be where I will test next. If XIV has no issues, it’s not on my end.

I have no roommates. I live in a house with my wife. Nobody is feeding off of my Wifi other than her PS4 and our phones.

From what I understand Evolve uses a Hybrid Detection. If your connection is strong, it uses client-based hit detection, but if your connectivity drops below the threshold, it uses server side hit detection. (That is from what I understand of playing when friends have been playing with us)