Poor network connectivity and no steam profile PLEASE HELP


Hello, I am trying to participate in the voodoo goliath challenge, however the first game I tried, I chose Sunny, the game then chose Hank form me. Then I was continuously lagging as the goliath just stood there and periodically teleported.
Next game, I try attacking reavers as a goliath. The goliath keeps its arm in the air, and after a few seconds, his the reavers.
I then easily get caught and attempt to throw a rock at the hunters, (For the challenge) However it uses the ability, and the rock attaches to my body then is thrown after a few seconds.
Then I try playing as Slim, my healing burst is delayed, and the other hunters and the wraith are constantly freezing.

I restarted my computer and even disconnected the reconnected to my wifi, however now I cant even join a match, it just goes back to the home saying I’m not signed into steam.
Does anyone know a solution to this problem? I’d really like to try and get this new skin.