Poor hit detection on 300ms



I generally play on 200ms and i wreck teans,
But on 300ms nothing registers.

Rock throw mid air hits. But player doesnt take dmg. Attributed to that extra 100ms no doubt.
Ground stomp. same thing. Land on their heads. No damage.

Charge - they are tumbling as i hit them. No damage.
Is this expected?


Ping that high in any game leads to really weird stuff and is… well unplayable. Nothing wrong with the game, that latency is just horrendously bad and there isn’t a game in existence that will work properly with ping that high.


Most games do not support good experience for user over 120ms and very few fps support good experience over 50ms because there is need for generated hard delay in them [so people with 10ping get same delay as 150ping] creating bad experience for low-ping players.

So yeah


well in that case i got to give TRS applause for the netcode.
holds up pretty damn well up to 230ms.


absolutely. evolve netcode is terrific,because of this, i can change regions, and during gameplay still land my stuff.


Monster becomes unplayable at about 250MS.

Hunter is still playable at 300MS. 400 onwards is unplayable.

That’s actually pretty good for a game so yeah.


Playable with 300ms is a lie. As hunter, I start to feel the latency beyond 150ms. At 300ms you will get hit before the monster animation start. Can’t dodge at all, besides, high risk of missing abilities.


Check out War Thunder. Things start lagging at 500-600. xD