Poor customer support


I lost all my progress like 3 days ago, i’ve submitted a ticket but recived no replies, i tried making other tickets but they just close them. I just want some help with getting my unlocks back after spending alot of time getting them.



There is an email address for 2k support, but it will still make a ticket to them. You could try gearbox support they are the same support, as they are still part of 2K support thanks :wink:


You can try 2k’s twitter. https://twitter.com/2KSupport

If that does not work try e-mailing them here. http://support.2k.com/hc/en-us
Just follow the instructions when using the above link. Sorry this has happened to you. Hope you can get some piece of mind that they are working on a patch for it and support can help in the mean time.


Ive submitted 3 tickets so far, they closed two of them and opened my old one up, but they haven’t replied after I left 3 messages.


That’s the only solution I can provide for you right now. @MacMan You may want to take a look as to why 2K is closing tickets and not responding to tickets for people affected by the reset bug. It’s disheartening for players who may need help in getting this resolved.


It’s very disappointing, I submitted the ticket on the 12th, and as of so far i have not gotten a response, no recover on any progress, and they just keep closing my tickets. I know i probably wont get all my progress back but when they wont even reply to my ticket it really makes this whole thing frustrating.


2K Support should be able to assist in getting character unlocks back, but not level/rank. Are they requesting proof of unlocks?


They’ve managed to message me back today for the proof and I’ve provided the info, awaiting them now.


@zhao842 Please let us know how this turns out. I have been taking pictures of every level and Elite character I unlock since my account got reset the first time because I do not trust the servers anymore :confused:

@DamJess Is there any other kind of proof I should be accumulating to help keep my progress if I get reset again?


I just provided my info and everything to 2K and they refuse to help me since they cant see my name on the leader board, how am i suppose to find my name on there if i dont have it unlocked anymore. This is really immoral what theyre doing


Unless 2k can give me a time machine so i can go back in time before the reset and take pictures of my unlocks i totally would.


Yeah the leaderboards are buggy themselves. I would suggest you take pictures of everything. I am starting an album aha It is unfortunate that it has to come down to that.


Dont play evolve on another console if you’re on xbox or ps4 it’ll cause a reset, best luck to you.


Did you play during the beta? If you did they will reset level and rank, so they won’t take it back to what it was before the beta.


Yes but this was when the game released i played 20 hour straight got to level 20 and it reset the next day


They will really dare ask us all this bullshit JUST to get our characters back? Characters are the easiest thing to unlock. What about leader boards? Level progression? Weapon progression? How am I supposed to have the screenshots of the things I unlocked before? Who does that and for what reason?

Not only were unable to play the game and the rest of the player-base progresses while we dont, they also have the audacity to ask us for proof? What a steaming pile of bs…


Stain pain, I know you are upset but chill out just a little. I would be upset too but no need to be like that towards Jess. Macman has stated they are trying to get a tool to grant levels back in the future. Also, some sort of compensation for your trouble.

Related note the patch should be released this week and is in testing. It’s on the way, just hold on a bit longer.


It’s easy to be on the high horse when you actually are. Also I’m not “being like that” to anyone, they represent a malfunctioning product I bought, no reason to be so touchy.

And on another note the comment is towards 2k mismanaging the whole thing, asking for proof to the already infuriated victims of the bug is amazingly stupid. I’m not saying to give away to everyone everything they "asked’ for that would be really exploitable, but just the fact that they would expect from PEOPLE to tell what whats missing + provide proof is pathetic to say the least.


Don’t get me wrong, i think that Evolve is a great game and I had alot of fun with it, it’s honestly how 2K is handling this whole situation, they’re not repling to our problem and refuse to help even after sending proof, i’ve got mutiple tickets at 2k and now im still waiting for them to restore my hunters. I dont think they ever will but non the less evolve is still a good game.