Poor Cabot


I feel bad. I just found out what happened to his wife.


Mhmm, that convo hit me right in the feels


Someone wanna fill me in with a knowledge drop?


What’s the conversation??


Val asks Bucket about why the ship is called the Laurie-Anne. Bucket tells her it’s named after Cabots wife. Appearantly, she died when she was infected by a stomach parasite. It was easily treatable. But because they were in the arm where there are no good doctors she was misdiagnosed and died.


What hunter combo was it


Caira and Bucket.


Works with Val and Bucket as well.


Sorry not Caira. It was only Val and Bucket


And caira and Maggie for the space dog diarrhea XD


I just heard that one recently, I was laughing so hard!


What was it?


Caira was talking in a baby voice to daisy “who’s a good space dog shaking their booty.” Then Maggie brings up his diarrhea, just try out the hunter combo Torvald, Maggie, Caira, and Bucket


That’s awesome.


whos a good trapjaw WHOS A GOOD TRAPJAW looki at ure waggy butt



I’m guessing you mean, which hunters the convo occurs between, but at first I laughed and thought you meant, what hunter combination killed her.


I read this post as I was listening to this:

:cry: #FeelingDepressed


I wonder what happened to Abby


I’ve not even heard these conversations, and I’ve played tons of Evolve.
Are they new, or just rare?


New. 10 chars