Pondering the 5th monster

Grizzle… I should have known. shakes fist Is that where people are also getting the shapeshifer idea from?

We should go to Grizzle’s house and teach him a lesson :angry:

No, I don’t think so. I believe I read a gaming news article or something saying a shapeshifter was confirmed and I just… Wow.

It was something that people have been suggesting long ago I think, its just a thing that got brought up constantly

Nope. I think it’s just a monster. It has a new type of enemy it hadn’t encountered until slim came along. An enemy that resembles a fly.

What better to catch a fly then a spider?

Umm, a frog?

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Besides, according to the Lennox and Caira conversation, the eggs are armor for the monster to travel between dimensions, so they couldnt have been man made.

That and the fact the devs themselves, including the main writer, has said that they’re not.

So far we know they travel through dimensions and worlds to destroy them. But something we still dont know is why they destroy the generators, which is mentioned in another dropship conversation.

Indeed. My theory is simply that they are very good at working out how things work and are highly intelligent and adaptable. As Lazarus mentioned new monsters are turning up that are adapting to things that previous monsters encountered. Either there is some kind of shared hive mind, or some kind of genetic memory of some kind that allows them to do this. I figure that they discovered that the generators were vital targets by chance before they even got to shear (perhaps factor?) and when they saw them on this planet they instinctively know to destroy them.

Wait… you mean that GrizzleMarine isn’t our lord and savior and everything he says is completely 100% true? :frowning:



Well I have to re-examine my whole belief system now.

Why is that people keep holding on too the gen 1 basilisk soldier thing anyway it’s been proven otherwise for a bit now

Literally no one in this thread has said it is.

That sounds epic man

well it would be fair in that matter that the monster would have to choose between food or trap…:)…

I know it adds a strategy. And depending on what you killed it spawns different minions

well who knows about that…we only thought of quantity not quality of the minions but yeah that might be an option too…

Maybe instead of evolving, the new monster instead creates an egg to spawn a minion.

I would like to see the whole egg+minion mechanics in more than just evac mode or custom Nest games. However, having your success directly linked to an AI minion could prove frustrating / exploitable for both teams.