Polygon.com review



… that…is a weird review.

They give it an 8 (and Polygon, especially, does not give out even an 8 lightly) - then spend the whole review discussing the kind of early-player problems that I expected to see people complaining about.



8 on PS4 but never tested that platform?
Moving on…


Pretty sure they just tested one and assumed it was the same across all 3.


“It did it with the help of Valve”

Feels like they are trying to minimize TRS’ role and just say “Valve is the best” like all these sights do. As far as I am aware, L4D was mostly just published and funded by Valve, they didn’t really do any design work. Same with Portal. They haven’t done their own game since HL2, not really.

Will read rest of review but if it’s true they complain about issues that new players complain about, they didn’t put enough time in the game imo.

First Edit: 25 hours and he couldn’t unlock everyone? He either 1) didn’t actually try to unlock all of them during that 25 hours or 2) is really bad at this game.

Also “Lower tiers are less complex”. Yes, that is kind of the point. It’s why they are Tier 1. Do these people even read about the game they are reviewing? Seems like it’s his first time hearing about it.

Moving on…


Oh, they absolutely do. I noted such gems as saying the monster is too hard to find and that it’s too hard to hide as the monster, and the statement that if you die as a hunter, you can be out of the game for up to three minutes.

I am reminded of a quote from (I believe) Lincoln.

“All news stories are true, except for those rare few you are personally familiar with.”


As a hunter, I found chases were often a series of annoying misses, always showing up where the monster had been too late, constantly being led on a snipe-hunt from one end of the map to the other.

This will probably be most reviewers’ (and casual gamers’) complaint. Most of the time, a group of newbie randos will not be able to coordinate well enough to track and trap a monster effectively. Most monster players try to avoid fights until stage 3. I foresee a lot of crying.

As the monster, I found myself flustered fleeing from hunters, since there’s no real way to hide outside of breaking line of sight.

Essentially the complete opposite of the other quote, the reviewer is indirectly admitting he is not very good at the game.

Of course, he is not playing the final game, and this is based on the beta, press release and advance retail versions of the game, which by and large are going to have more dedicated and hardcore players compared to the population of players at launch. Added with proper matchmaking, this reviewer might be paired up with players more matching his skill level in the final game, which could change his opinion on the game.

We’ll just have to see.
I wonder if people reading these types of reviews know that its NOT based on the final game.


I think its fair. There is a large disclaimer about the build they reviewed on and they were both forgiving and picky at the same time.


I don’t have an issue with the score and I agree with his assessment of some masteries being a pain in the butt (namely following Daisy). I understand what TRS was trying to do but I find some of them make me play suboptimally.


Yes, the masteries can get… annoying, to say the least- but generally only the second or third ones. The first mastery challenges required to unlock a character are generally pretty easy. I disliked the way he said that it took too long, or it was grindy. It took, what, an hour? Two?


I love this quote, “Turtle Rock has made some changes to the monster since then, including removing her ability to warp forward while cloaked, but my matches with her haven’t felt less lopsided.”
the review clearly didn’t know his version was the same as the betas


thats why us forum go-ers need to make sure we arent straight dominating.

Waiting to stage three is bad monster play anyways but if you are a forum goer here make sure the hunters dont leave with a sour taste in their mouths. at least not for the first week. Give the new hunter players a good match. Save the steam rolling for later.