Polls Disappearing and Reappearing


So my Iphone isn’t taking the new forum update quite well, sometimes, when I go to this thread:

and check the polls, when they don’t appear, my screen freezes and it stays like this:

I need to make a new window in order to make it work.

Edit: Tagging forum master @codinghorror


Same using Chrome browser on my PC, so it isn’t just mobile.

EDIT: You should charge your phone :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh god!


Huh, I’m not having this problem.



I know. I’m kinda worried.


Hmmm I’m not having the issue anymore like earlier, maybe the Discourse guys have been updating stuff?

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  • It stopped working
  • It started working

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EDIT: Seems to be working for me right now, but it does disappear for a flash when it’s made and then comes back.


Sadly, I’m still experiencing the bug on my phone D:


I’m having the same issue on my end. If I try and refresh my page the site will either take forever to load or will get stuck “refreshing” the page. But this happens to me on non-poll threads as well.


@Buckets_Sentry_Gun You know how in a computer if you click the sandwich you can scroll all the way down to go onto mobile view. Can you go into desktop view on the mobile :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm sure, but why? :open_mouth:


I was just being stupid :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s coming and going for me.


OK I’ve deployed latest here, there were a bunch of poll improvements. Try the gear icon in the editor!

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Looks good!! :thumbsup:

This cog-wheel...