Poll: Your favourite monster skin

You know you’re making skins right when all of them have a good amount of votes.


Hopefully all monsters will get a savage skin.

Red/Orange and Black are good together.

Ahhh, they are all so awesome! I suppose if I must pick one, then I’d have to go with Magma Skin. Kraken just looks so cool with it. :sunglasses:

First thought when I saw the title “savage skin is obviously going to be the winner” however upon entering the thread, I realised I had no clue there were other badass skins like Corpse Eater and Wendigo. I now struggle to choose the one I like most lol.

I keep thinking Albino because of how premium it looks but Corspe Eater is calling me.

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Hey @macman , Can we see the dev/golden skins as well? Just so we know what they’d look like, those of us who haven’t seen them in beta would be curious.

I don’t have a fancy render. Here is a sneak peek though.


I would say Magma/Corpse eater for Wraith and Kraken, but I simply love Savage Goliath.

Ah, most lovely. Thanks

Reminds me of GoldFinger

Dat skin :stuck_out_tongue:

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Some of the skins change the glow color; will it glow an even brighter gold so you can have some gold on your gold while you gold your golden gold with gold?

It’ll shine brighter than a diamond.

Where did you find this

Why is the Kraken outside a store?

Shopping? :smile:

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This feels like the start of a bad joke…

“Why did the Kraken stand outside of the store?”

Unfortunately, nobody ever gets to the punchline because they’re electrocuted…


Groovy gold Kraken! I thought it was another statue for a moment - that environment threw me off. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will this be a future kraken skin perhaps???

It’s a version of the Dev skin (the finished product might be slightly different though judging from his comment) so not likely to be available to the public for use

Can’t wait to crush some golden monsters!

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Swamp looks good on all of them
Savage for Goliath
Wendigo for kraken
Corpse eater for wraith

I’m interested in how magma will look on the behemoth

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