Poll : Wraith Supernova Assassin


Do you want to see supernova ability to increase Wraith’ movement speed while she is using melee attacks by 25% only when it’s active ?

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  • Yes
  • No
  • only if they reduce supernova damage
  • I Don’t Care

Do you feel Supernova is what makes you love Wraith in the first place ? Assassin type

  • Yes
  • No

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There is no reason to go supernova in stage 1

Stage 2 preferably 1 point or 0

Because at each stage the damage is different … the damage maximization is at stage 3

This ability is punishing for hunters that lost their jetpack & against low levels … but is pretty much useless if hunters have 1-2 jetpack

The stasis is limiting the success of good supernova - any CC generally

Stasis slow wraith movement by 60% … decoy is useless to do any damage … supernova is not effective

Let’s cut to it : supernova should make wraith increase her speed by 25% . Prenerf wraith the Assassin type only when supernova is active

By that … wraith can do more damage/hits to hunters with a jetpack - and against good trapper CC

To compensate … TRS can reduce dmg/second to supernova

1- That will make wraith less punishing for a hunter that lost his full jetpack but it will do more damage to hunters with jetpack

2- Give reasons to start supernova in stage 1 - 2 Build

3- wraith players would be loving this …

4- wraith players wouldn’t regret using supernova because against good hunters … you need to use 1-3 traversals to get to your target after supernova is active … by the time you do this . The supernova affect is gone / almost gone

5- it will make Supernova more consistent … not wasted against good hunters

6- wraith players currently have to worry about Trapper CC - hunter jetpack fuel - how many traversal do I need - how many hits I am able to do- is the hunter will stay in Cloud raduis (Note: supernova is not active outside cloud radius)

7- it’s very enjoyable to watch supernova at higher speed …

8- Supernova is too punishing at low levels … less effective at higher levels … most wraith players use 3 points build in Stage 3 (stage 1/2 don’t use it )

9- high level wraith uses abduction / warp to get to target while supernova is active which will decrease the effectiveness for supernova

10- supernova is easily avoidable at higher levels … hunters can climb up any service to waste supernova

11- wraith is a single target monster … on 1 target she should do more than (kraken-behemoth) on single target


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I would be cool with a speed buff, but only after 3 points are applied. That way a stage 1 wraith cant mitigate so easily


Great, so you can gain extra speed and run out of it’s radius and deactivate your own ability.[quote=“Lmk, post:1, topic:84186”]
Supernova is what makes you love Wraith in the first place ? Assassin type

  1. Hahahahahahahaha no.

  2. Assassin? Hahahahahahaha no.


How ??

Pre Nerf wraith was like this … but it was all the time at higher 25% speed

The movement speed increases her speed while she is using melee attacks … the increase speed will insure higher hits if the target hunter was (moving or using their jet )

The cloud raduis got buffed anyway … with an increased speed it would look better than per Nerf wraith


do you actually see a damage increase to your abilities while SN is active? I personally don’t


Supernova increases the damage by the monster stage .

Supernova points only increase the radius & duration .


Actually it’s a great idea

I am thinking of

1 point add 16% movement

2 points 20% movement

3 points 25% movement


Apologies- But huh? “Prenerf” (dislike this term, btw) wraith did not move 25% faster at all times. Or am i completely missing what you meant here?


In beta … early released game I think . Then it was standerdized

I apologize for the term . I meant it was 25% higher than now .


Ive also been playing since the beta (Since kraken was first shown), Dont recall anything like this being done for the wraith. Wouldnt happen to have any references/links/etc would you?


This is the closet thing I have found

You can check with Mr.macman I am sure he talked about it in one of his comments


That was patch 2.0- But they only dropped the speed of her traversal by 25% (Which didnt impact the distance of the traversal either, its literally a case of instad of taking x-seconds to go the distance, it takes x times 1.25 to go the same distance).

Her actual base land speed was 7.5 meters per second, and to my knowledge always has been. At least it has been since the beta I saw her in.


Tagging Dear Mr.@macman

Can you tell us if wraith had higher movement speed and she got nerfed by 25% ? Or was it traversal speed Nerf ? Was it in the Alpha /beta /official game ? .


You’ve never played wraith well before. Supernova at stage 1 is a great tool against wildlife and wandering hunters. Abduction is useless at stage 1 with 1 point. It doesn’t carry you far enough away to kill someone when they have a Hank or Val .


Monster at stage 1 mitigate normally

Level 1 abduction

Level 1 decoy

Level 1 warp blast

Or 2
1 level abduction…2 level warp to use the best stage 2 build … this is better only if you are sure you can evolve without getting caught

Ask gold wraith @trickymrgreen
They will tell you … supernova is not the way to go in stage 1

Abduction is a great tool to mitigate damage as well . Its actually very useful


Well we see things a little differently. I like to be somewhat aggressive at stage 1. I take advantage of opportunities. This is a challenge without supernova.