POLL: Wraith Opinions


Please choose the one that best suits your view

  • Option 1 Ugh I hate Wraith! She ruins the fun and the game becomes running simulator!
  • Don’t mind her, once you know how to track her and what signs to look out for she’s just the same as the others.
  • Yup I like her! She creates a fierce battle and I have fun fighting a difficult opponent! I embrace challenge


Option 4: none of the above.

I don’t mind Wraith too much. What I do mind is nearly every Wraith player out there using the same old boring decoy&run tactic all game until stage 3 (or even continue then because why not?).

It’s not the Wraith that’s unfun, it’s the most common Wraith playstyle that is unfun.


This would have been better as a “Hate/ Indifferent/ Love Wraith” poll, methinks.

Options are a bit simplistic and loaded.


to ze challenge! (sips wine that is not wine)


I took option number three. When I play hunter, I fear the Wraith no doubt. But she’s a good challenge and is far from unbeatable. If it is a good wraith player, I believe she takes a little more communication than the rest of the monster gang to take down, but I don’t mind that either.

Also, I think she’s a blast to play as. ^^


Finally a poll… Meant to make one ages ago lol. No point talking back and forth on it… put it to a vote!!!


I dont mind too much but I would be curious to see what the win/loss ratio is


Where is the poll for decoy warpblast and super nova? this poll sucks.


None of the above. Its fun to fight when the wraith doesn’t max out decoy.