Poll: Would you say you win more, or lose more?

  • I win more often than I lose
  • I lose more often than I win

This is a very important test of the forum-goer population. I must know what the win-loss ratio is for the overall group of people who come here.

I’m not asking about what you play, or how you play, or what games they are - I just ask that, in Evolve, do you win more, or lose more.


I bet even with anonymity you will still get skewed results towards win more as it can be fairly subjective :stuck_out_tongue:


Edit: although isnt it entirely subjective? I win more than i lose with monster, but I lose far more than i win with hunter. So. Twilight zone


You see, my theory is this. The majority of people will say one thing - While the people who are in the opposing side, will not say anything at all.



I love social experiments personally. There is a show called Outrageous acts of Psych that seems pretty cool.


well you could check the evolve game changer site to easily see you wlr, hunters monsters and overall


I’m not trying to check what the statistic is for people winning and losing

I’m looking for the statistic of people -on the forums- winning and losing.


Even when we lose, we win.

Won’t get great results. ^.-


Depends if I am monster or hunters. As hunters I typically win more…as monster I lose more.


I don’t lose but i come in 2nd place a lot.


I am the exact opposite, i win so much more when i am the monster than hunter.


When I play Monster, I mostly lose.

When I play Hunter, I mostly lose.

So… symmetry has been achieved.


Generally as hunters I lose more frequently unless I am playing with a solid premade group. As monster I win generally against organized and pub teams as well.

Im not the best monster by any means though and I have ended up with so many intense games as the Hunters/Monster when playing with my organized group of friends that its rather astonishing how much fun I have gotten out of it all :smiley:


I win as hunter, lose as monster (mostly). So about 50/50.


Win loss ratio says I win 3 games for every 1 game that I lose.


I play Hunter for fun. But due to the overall quality of noobcake lvl 40 pugs theres no fun to be had.
So I rather play Monster to win over and over and eat those noobcakes faces to vent some frustration about those unbelievably bad pugs.


I mostly play pubs now, as most of the premades I’ve played with have moved on to far more interesting, less money grab, balanced games or even went back to play their MOBA games. Balanced lolz.

I win more than I lose, at least I used to as monster. Now I mostly lose especially vs Sunny and Torvald comps. Slim is manageable but those two are my bane.

As hunter I’d say it’s close to 50/50 when I’m not using either Sunny or Torvald. If they are on the team than I will have a 70/30 chance of killing the monster with the team.


Im the opposite, Sunny and Thor are easy wins for me but Slim is like the monster to my torvald


Thor and Sunny are more beatable when they are not on the same team.

If they’re together their chances go up to over 60%


Eh, Sunny doesnt bother me a whole ton, except for when Griffin is thrown in. Thor+Sunny just means big burst damage, but theyre visible, and thus killable, but Slim…Slim is a lil shit