Poll: Would you like to see FREE ROAM mode?


It has been mentioned quite a lot actually:

Free roam mode is not a game variant - it’s a practice/training session taking place on in-game map choosen by player willing to practice without the pressure of chasing by bots and need to kill oposite team or fulfill objectives.

I would expect to see features like:

  • Turning off/on perks and elite perks (please note that all turnings off/on, spawns etc. will take place DURING the mode, not before the session loads)
  • Turning off/on invincibility
  • Turning off/on ability cooldowns
  • Turning off/on map effects
  • Turning off/on wildlife
  • Spawning wildlife/elite wildlife
  • Making wildlife agressive/passive
  • Spawning hunter/monster bots
  • Hot swapping with bots (beetwen hunters bots AND monster bot)
  • Making bots passive/agressive (turning on/off bot’s AI)
  • REMOVING unnecesary bots
  • Inviting friends into session
  • Giving bots certain perks (and abilites for monster bots)
  • Choosing monster stage
  • Evolve at will (no need to eat)
  • “De-evolve” at will (or spawn new monster)

Such mode could benefit in:

  • Learning advantageous arena placement (no cooldowns make you practice faster)
  • Finding hiding spots (ie. find ideal bush to hide for Wraith, nice wall to clinge for Gorgon, hill to jump from fro Goliath etc.)
  • Looking for the best pathways
  • Learning perfect ambush areas
  • Exploring bioms and wildlife
  • Finding a sightseeing point for the lore/exploration lovers

So my question is

Would you like to see such FREE ROAM mode?

  • Yes
  • No

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Maybe together we’ll shohw enough demand for it to happen and TRS would make it a real thing!
I encourage you to share your ideas for features and how could it be used.
I’d like to start discussion:

  • Why don’t we have mode like this yet?
  • Is it against TRS idea of practcing?
  • Would it be hard or extremly time consuming to create mode like this?
  • Do you think it would have positive impact on your skill?


I would love this for cupcake hunting. :stuck_out_tongue:


My wife would need this vs. Spotters :wink:


I want to say no just for this. That goes from “practicing better domes” to “practicing god domes”

Other than that I don’t particularly care that much about free roam. Doubt I would ever use it but I could see others getting a kick out of it.


I’m main monster myself so i know the pain of god domes but its not forbidden - it’s just a tactic by many considered as ‘bitch tacitc’, however mode like this is just more than the comfort of monsters players - its about giving the possilibty for new players to practice as well as allowing the expierenced player a place to polish their skills.


Practice is all well and good but I personally don’t want to see a bunch of people running around throwing super god domes everywhere all the time.

While not forbidden that would certainly ruin my fun factor.


I support a free roam instance.

Allow for monsters and hunters to respawn with no penalty.

Imagine! an infinate battle between Goliath and Tier 1, You die only to be resurrected once more!


For me this is not a question should there be one. Of course there should be one.

I would love to train some dome placement, timings, etc.

This is the most easiest request to fulfill, just do it and let the Meta evolve further.


A developer mode so I can test things on my own would be amazing.


Play bots and run around. That’s what I do. Works just as well for me


Sounds great to me, it can also use the dev testing area where its just a flat white floor.

Maybe some optional maps that are only in custom games that are big and make it feel like free roam, kinda like the ones from the prototype maybe in size, its completely optional so if you say it ruins gameplay for the competitive scene… Well its not, its custom game only and its completely optional. That’s just a little additional suggestion.


Freemode would help all new players get a feel for hiding in this game, so I agree with it. TRS better make this happen. Some players might actually come back to see the game again if they do.


If I want to test the range on something I can’t tell a bot to stand still and tell me how far away they are. I think you of all people would be welcoming a dev mode.


Well, I’m past the point of really needing it. All I really want is the option to have numbers/values appear in game. That way if @white_hawke8 or I found a bug, we can test it without having to go too deep into it.

But with the information we already have. There’s nothing I can think of to gain from it right now.

As for ranges, I already tested those a while back and white hawk backed it up with similar data.


A free roam mode would be amazing for testing purposes. I’m guessing this would require a lot of work though form a code standpoint. Also, some really strange things might happen with wildlife spawning given the way that’s currently setup.


Well the thing is that, if you’re solo testing then yea. It’s helpful. But if your doing 2person testing, Its not that required.

At least imo


I would enjoy the option to remove (or if not remove, instakill and not respawn until triggered) undesired bots. Would help immensely with certain tests.


Right but if there’s something that I think of to test and the information isn’t out there then I can just jump in and see if I can find it out.


Im in favor of combat log :wink:



Both of these things would be amazing!