Poll: Would you be interested in a Role-Playing Campaign?


This is a rough poll to gauge the interest level for a possible role-playing campaign among some of the forum members here. The rough idea of the campaign would take place in the early to mid 1920s and have a theme of X-Files meets Men in Black. I will give more information once it seems likely to happen. We would be using a self modified version of Gurps that I use and we would most likely try to utilize roll20.net to have video/voice conferences during our role playing sessions. So I’m just using this poll to gauge how many people would be interested in starting a role playing campaign that would meet once a week or even once every 2 weeks for a few hours each night.

  • Yes, I am interested and have some roleplaying experience
  • Yes, I am interested but have never roleplayed before
  • No, I am not interested
  • No, I am not interested because I’m not sure what this is all about.
  • Indifferent. Sounds interesting, I would need to learn more.

General Nerd-fest
General Nerd-fest

Not sure what this is about. O.o


It was a carry over from the nerd thread. We’rre seeing if there are enough people interested in doing a weekly or fortnightly role playing session.


^Yep! We are also looking to see who would be interested and use that to organize time tables for when we are actively roleplaying.


Haven’t done any role playing. My gaming experience is MMO, MOBA, card games (Hex, a little of Magic the Gathering, and Hearthstone of late), and FPS. Not really played board games, bar Chess and such.


I would recommend you try it. How we are going to approach it is pretty straightforward, and it can be a really fun experience.


Maybe you should have asked those interested to leave comment so we can actually identify those who are interested, @MaddCow


Is this the role-play I think your talking about?


I’ll make a more official post detailing everything once I get in some numbers.


Can I vote All of the Above?


That wouldn’t make sense. You would create a paradox, and contradict yourself.


Paradoxes could happen :slight_smile: You have been warned :smiley:


Hey MaddCow, uh…How would you actually…do the things? Like, the actual story things? And the thing where you talk to other people?


I’d use teamspeak/ventrilo/skype etc… There are a number of ways to have a conference call type setting. Is that what you mean?


Yes, yes it was. :slight_smile: Thanks.


I have Teamspeak, Skype, and Ventrillo. ^.-
My Skype was made when I still played WoW. One of my arena partners got annoyed I didn’t use it, so he made an account for me. -.-


Paradoxes are fun though! :smile:


Sweetness, count me in. Though my d&d exp. Is in 4.0 and a dabble in ad&d. Thats ignoring forum based

Mainly use Skype. Jus saying


Rolld20 has its own videochat actually.


where would we be doing it? and what theme would it be?