Poll : Would you be down for the Bees or a Swarm-esq wildlife?

  • YES
  • NO

One that will follow anywhere and not stop until they kill you if you disturbed their nest? Similar to that of a Witch from L4D.






Yes as long as there was a long aggro timer, like staying in the nest too long, or doing a lot of damage to it. And maybe there could be one way to break the aggro, like jumping into a body of water.

Edit: apparently jumping into water is a bad idea, so maybe an aggro distance? Like they will chase you 200 meters away from their nest.






I’ve learned recently that jumping into a pool of water is a bad idea if killer bees are chasing after you.

Don’t jump into a pool or other body of water to avoid the bees. They can and will wait for you to surface, and will sting you as soon as you do. You can’t hold your breath long enough to wait them out, trust me.

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Wow, the more you know lol. Glad I haven’t been chased by bees, I would probably be dead because of misinformation :joy:



What if you jumped in a stream and swam down stream under the water? A minute of swimming and being carried by a current would be relatively far I’d think would it not? I can’t imagine the bees could track you that easily if you’re underwater either.

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I put “Not the Bees” gif then looked up and saw you put a video of it OP xD damnit.




Or have Hyde set you on fire? That works too ^.^

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Tends to take off a lot of the skin too though.

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Bees would be fun. ^.^
As long as we don’t bring in swarms of spiders…

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