*POLL* Winter *POLL*


How do you feel about snow?

  • Love it
  • Hate it
  • Meh, whatever

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I mean I choose to live in Michigan, so it’s hard to complain.


I miss the days when votes weren’t public :frowning:


Own your choices!


Cows don’t get choices… Unless the USDA gives them :wink:


Love snow, love winter.

Hate heat, hate summer.


Generally I like snow it means it’s gone past the point where it’ll be damp and dreary fall. This winter has been garbage though. It keeps melting and we have garbo weather.


Your hatred of winter and all things snow can’t possibly rival mine. My despisal of it runs so deep I can’t stand seeing Distillery in the snowfall!


The majority of people in this forum (so it seems) live in zones where they don’t get to cold enough temps. They see little to no snow in a year, so when they get it they enjoy it…don’t have to deal with it very long at all, so it’s a special, happy event for them…I guess.


Considering my immune system has scaled down to my height, I hate any cold temperature because I immediately get sick.


I live in NY. I love it. It’s cold like 65% of the year. :smiley: