[Poll] Who wants TRS streams to play with the console community?


So… Who wants a console stream? I know I do…

  • Xbox One stream pls
  • PS4 stream pls
  • No, I’m mean, PC master race

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remember we need a ton of people, so if we weigh at least 100 pounds each, all we need is 20 people! And that’s being very conservative about our weights!


Evolve Livestream 01/07 | We want you! (PC Players) ԅ(‾⌣‾ )

They’d need to invest in some game capture devices like Elgato.


They could just use the twitch streaming app.


That’s shit, it takes up your processors and slows down your gameplay.


I find myself on the Xbox version more than the PC these days. So why not.


This has made me so happy. :cry:
May I ask why? Most PC Master Race folks swear up and down it’s way better than us, “console peasants.”
(I loathe, that term.)


I cri
You need new computer


I do prefer PC version by a tonne. :stuck_out_tongue: Better input, convenience, Steam, but my OG PC pals don’t play it anymore. And the playerbase is below seven or something.


Nah lad. 13 FPS, 800x600, 300MS on good days…Living the good life.


and here’s me on a 40" 4k with frames for days
I feel bad you have to use pad


One of my earliest memories on this forum is you telling me how much of a difference mouse and keyboard made. I had only played Alpha, on PC, and was adjusting to mouse, and I was like lol this guy.

A year later…Wow. I was a fucking idiot. XD


<3 kb mouse
As I recall you’re in some very quiet area of the world for evolve so even with a good pc that may not solve the issue
Sucks :-/


Australian. So yes.

It won’t help the lag or playerbase, but having decent graphics and playable frame rate would definitely make me a PC only player again honestly. I only have it on Xbox cuz I got it for like three AUD locally. xD


Ooh~! Yes, PLEASE. The effort would be much appreciated.

@Shaners @LadieAuPair

Does Jerry have a forum tag…? Actually, nevermind. I made my own way of calling for him


PS4… Pwease…



Added Poll to the title (might get a bit more attention too).


I would really enjoy if TRS played on PS4 <3 . That’d be great.


Yes! I could show off my Crow and Lennox!


And I could show off my emet :smirk: :muscle: