[Poll] Who should have the higher damage per hit?


In the stream yesterday it was announced that Sunny will get yet another nerf to her damage to 165 base. Overall this results in close to 100 damage reduction per shot. Clearly she can’t hold her spot as the highest damage per projectile anymore, which is how she was advertised at her release. This place is now taken by Cabot who gets 2x 100 (projectile and wall penetrating cone-shaped explosion). My question to you: Who should be in that place?
Of course I would not just decrease Cabot’s damage just like that by 20%, so here are the options that I was thinking of:

  • Leave Cabot with the highest damage per shot weapon, let Sunny rot in the GROUND!
  • Reduce Cabot’s damage to 2x 80 but shorten the reload time to 0.92 seconds (Same damage output overall)
  • Have Cabot do 120 damage with the projectile and 40 damage with the wall penetration, so that he benefits more from shooting at the Monster’s head. Reload to 0.92.
  • Buff Sunny’s damage, but with slower reload and/or fire rate
  • Buff Sunny’s damage, but with a smaller exlosion radius of 100% damage and a fall-off radius
  • Buff Sunny’s damage, but have her spend more time on average replacing shield drones by making them expire by themselves
  • A mix of different options above
  • Something else

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cabot was like that too you know.

anyway. cabot should deal more damage than sunny. as they fall into different sub-groups of support. simple as that.


Cabot is the damage support, sunny is a heavy defensive support so Cabot should have the weapon with the highest damage.


doesn’t Bucket do the most damage?


He can in theory. One problem with telemetry is that it does not show damage amp damage (I think this is still the case).

Bucket has the most damage potential, but Cabot (and team) has more direct control over his own. Both are offensive supports though.


In this case, offense should be offense overall. Sunny has 3 items in her kit and they’re all really strong. her damage nerf is warranted for the amount of defense and utility she brings to the table. Sunny has everything a character needs except the ability to give/regen health, and that seems broken to me. It reminds me of when Bucket was strong, i’d take him into Quickplay with health regen and i’d have to potential to be the team. (damage, marking, defensive cloak, self-healing) If she had a higher skillcap it would be warranted to have so much in one character, but the drone only requires good placement, the boost is easy to hit, and her launcher is pretty easy to hit for the damage it does.

Everything Cabot does is harder to do (except maybe dust tag) and it does less. From a balance point of view, it’s not really right.


Her Mininuke Grenade Launcher packs more punch in a single projectile than any other hand-wielded weapon in the game

Can you show me where exactly Cabot was advertised like that?

Well you as a fan of alternate DPS should see, that he does more damage over time. (133.33 vs 96.25). It is not about how much damage is dealt in the same time. It is about how much is dealt in 1 hit.
200 * 1.1 / (0.4 + 1.25) = 133.33 = 160 * 1.1 / (0.4 + 0.92).

Are you calling for a nerf to Hank’s Laser Cutter? Because Hank’s Primary is superior to Cabot’s:
35 * 32 * 1.1/ (0.34 + 35/6 + 1 + 2) = 134.30 > 133.33

Not true, with his RC he would be able to deal more damage than Sunny. With perfect body-shot accuracy about 38.53% more. The reason he does not get that much is for once accuracy, the RC’s hit-all or miss-all characteristic and the fact that he only gets a 50% damage bonus from headshots.


Sure, Hank is the ideal defensive support. If he got a nerf to his damage I wouldn’t mind much. He’s supposed to be defensve and he is, maybe does a bit too much damage for his defensive capabilities but I think he’s pretty balanced overall.

Sunny may have been advertised that way, but for the amount of defense and utility, her high damage isn’t warrented whatsoever

EDIT: that or a buff to cabot’s damage. he needs a small buff of some sort. and I would think a railcannon should hit really hard that should be a good thing so that his damage is placed higher than hank.

or hank could get a nerf to his damage. I wouln’t mind either way really.


never said it was advertised that way. but he did have the highest damage dealing projectile. then when sunny came out that changed. and now it’s reversed again because the utility overweighed it.


How about we don’t change Sunny at all? I personally think Sunny is well balanced as of now and I have a feeling she’s gonna become UP pretty soon.


Personally I would’ve liked for and have voted for, a damage increase per shot but with a slower fire rate.

I feel like that would fit Sunny’s kit, the whole concept of a “high single hit weapon” and just generally the term “mini nuke” best.

Thinking about it now however, this would have to be paired with a change to the Power Relay as well since her fire rate is already too slow to consistently interrupt a Monster.

So I say TRS should’ve just kept it as it is. We all know her mini nukes aren’t the problem with Sunny.
But I hope they buff Cabot’s Railgun one way or the other before they buff Sunny’s nukes back.


IMO, Cabot should’ve always had the highest damage-per-shot weapon in the game. A grenade launcher coined the “mini-nuke” is nice and all, but Cabot uses a freaking rail cannon! Rail cannons are supposed to be very, very powerful, given that their projectiles are large and propelled at supersonic speeds by electrically-charged magnets.

The fact that it can shoot through walls, something no other weapon in the game can do, should sort of imply that the weapon deals insanely high damage. Real-life experimental rail cannons are the most powerful projectile weapons ever designed, with more stopping power and penetration potential than even an anti-tank missile or rocket. The projectiles fly at such high speeds and with so much kinetic energy behind them that they can shoot through even the thickest of materials with relative ease.

Yes, explosives normally do high damage, but rail cannons focus the same amount of damage potential into single, high-precision rounds. It follows the same principles as comparing a nail file to a knife. Nail files, unless propelled at high velocities, cannot pierce skin, while knives can. This is because a knife’s potential energy is focused into a smaller point while a nail file has no such point for the potential energy to be focused to. Wow, okay, I’m going on a physics tangent here, LOL. Hopefully I made my point clearly!


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