Poll: Who is more LOVABLE? Adorable Daisy or Cute Gobi?


I’m not sure how to set a vote so can a Mod create one please

  • Gobi
  • Daisy


Daisy of course.


Welp looks like a poll now :smile:


True, it didn’t on my screen for some reason. I guess it hit the 5 minute age marker and created itself. Works for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Daisy for sure. She revives you!


Revives with licks!


I have to go Gobi because atleast he doesn’t stand there and just stare at you while you’re incapped.


I find Gobi to be more useful than Daisy. Being able to constantly target a location is great and helps prevent monsters from crouching in bushes as camouflage. The fact that Gobi’s mask makes him look like the guy from splinter cell is an added bonus


Gobi is adorable with his liitle collar and everything, but Daisy can’t be topped. Her waggily tail and adorable expression are just too much. More pet classes!


where is @SledgePainter for this? We all know what she will pick :slight_smile: It’s the correct answer for anyone wondering!


Gobi, that name tag is love


I don’t know if I could choose between them! Can’t I just squee over them both? @aleszander77 can attest to my penchant for baby talking the trapper-pets. ^.~


Are you kidding me? WE CAN’T EVEN SEE ‘SPAMMY BIRD’S’ FACE ( @Azmi_Anuar ) {Still getting a parrot} Daisy is the real MVP :heartpulse: :daisy: :heart:


You all know who I voted for. :wink:


GOBI please senpai tell me you chose gobi


Daisy is our God.
Gobi is a some Priest.




DayZ, ofc.


None. Markov is the most adorable. Markov is love. Markov is life. Markov is the master troll.


He kind of does, actually…