Poll: Which Side Does the Game Favor More? Hunters? Or Monsters?


Just vote for whichever you feel is true.

  • Favors Hunters
  • Favors Monsters
  • Balanced

Poll: Which Side does Evolve Favor More? Hunters? Or Monsters?

I have to say it’s balanced for the most part. I mean, a couple of the Hunters need to be toned down, but so do a couple of Monster things. And yes, a fair few game mechanics blatantly favor either side- CARRION BIRDS- but those can be worked around. For the most part this game is very well balanced. ^.^


Im reserving my vote for when im less salty, honestly soooo tired of seeing Sunny every fudging game


Rose plays Cabot with me. ^.^
So I suppose you might have fun against us.


I bet I would, Cabot brings a challenge, not an annoyingly strong shield drone that apparently blocks damage before its supposed to ^.^


To be honest I fell bad using Cabot with @Shin…When we Amp SS a Monster down to a bar of health and I use Dust and the Railcannon to take potshots and finish them off…It’s almost sad. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ive grown used to Cabot, he always brings a scary new aspect, one that is easy to break with Goliath ^.^
That thing has some pretty short range eh ^.-?


Never had a problem with its range actually. I feel like Cabot is easy to use, but difficult to use well. Difference between a decent or even a good Cabot and an expert Cabot is terrifying.


I find a good hank much scarier ;-; why is everyone shielded ;-;


Eh. With Hank you’re forced to commit for longer, but to be honest killing Hank and working around the shield negates that. With Cabot, you will pay with blood for every second you spend fighting.


I think the problem is that I haven’t fought a good cabbage yet :confused:


Stop blaspheming against my glorious Cabot! :stuck_out_tongue: And yeah, as a I said- plenty of decent Cabbag- CABOT players. Plenty of competent ones even, but very few good ones.


“Rage Trooper GO!”
no amp
no amp
no amp
Rage Trooper ends
Why >_>


Tourney Play-Balanced

Tourney play is likely sided toward monsters atm, but this is because most of the teams still aren’t practicing at the same rate as the monsters.


You will learn to fear my Parnell!


I already fear Parnell, hes always chasin me around like an angry, glowing bee, keeps stingin my butt with his shotgun ;-;


Amp SS without a headshot weakspot.

Christ, you people need me.


WIldlife, more specifically Mammoth Birds


I aim at the headshot area’s on Parnell, so it’s not that bad. Although a decent Val is loved with her sniper rifle.


I don’t actually know what you’re asking. Assuming you’re just talking about Hunt mode it seems pretty clear that it’s hunter-favored, since they win if the timer runs out, forcing the monster to make a move. Against a patient team, it’s conceivable that the monster might never get the chance to fight where s/he wants.

That said, once the fight actually starts, it feels overall pretty balanced right now, averaged across maps. If anything it still seems to lean hunter-favored, since it seems like a monster needs to be exceptional to win in any way other than taking advantage of hunter mistakes.

Bias: I play hunter pretty much exclusively and in a 4-person premade, so I have no practical opinion from monster or pub lobby POVs. Maybe teamwork is OP?