Poll: Which Side does Evolve Favor More? Hunters? Or Monsters?


So according to the community, which side do you think this game is favoring more? Choose from the choices below. Comment on which one you think it is and give reasoning behind it. Please don’t argue with each other. By the way if you could tell me how to make a voting thing for this that would be great :slight_smile:

A. Favors Hunters 4
B. Favors Monsters 1
C. Balanced 4


C :yum::grinning::grin::joy::sunglasses::smiley::smile::slight_smile:️:blush:


I choose A.


A for carrion birds

in before sunny nerf


As strong as monster are, I’d say A. But just by a little bit.


Based on the community outcries? All of the above.

Based on actual data? C.

In my opinion? C is still the answer, though the Sunny meta-game can make things quite flustering for Monsters.


B, wildlife is 100% on the monster’s side, with the exceptions of the birds, the trapjaws, and the common troll wildlife.



I win some lose some.


I vote A, too many cheesy combos have arrived and it sort of sucks the fun out of it


C I win and lose based on skill of other side


Yeah Sunny’s kit makes her somewhat of a scumbag.

Nomads and Dune beetles that won’t stop following you and revers and mammoth birds and spotters and salty slots.


If you run out of jetpack fuel while near one of those things you are dead or close to, reavers also barely do anything to the monster, troll wildlife is dune beetles and mammoth birds.

Spotters also trigger on other hostile wildlife so they aren’t exactly 100% on the hunter’s side.


Hmm…Not quite sure. :confused:


NO ARGUING YA BUTTS!!! Keep it civil please :slight_smile:


Don’t start an argument please :slight_smile:


But, we aren’t even being negative about eachother :frowning:


Sssshhhh. It can start from the simplest tick. The plague started from a tiny flea. Remember that O,o


The plague didn’t do very much when we got used to it :stuck_out_tongue:


It still killed a lot of people O,o


Ah well, like one good people once said, one person dying is a tragedy, many is a number.