Poll: Which meat would you rather eat

Would you eat @MaddCow steak that when eaten gives you the crazies or eat @cybersquidarmy calamari and when eaten corrupts you and forces you to be evil.

  • Cyber Calamari
  • MaddCow steak

Choose wisely of which you would rather eat.

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Pretty obvious, wasn’t there a maddcow disease in the 90s?

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yes there was xD I think

…Why? Why are you making these threads xD

Crawls away back into her hole

No don’t leave you just arrived to taste test these meats.

This is ****posting at it’s finest…

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Whats wrong with trying to find out whether a cyber squid is tastier or a MaddCow.

The question is, are they 3 or 4 meat snacks? :grinning:


It all tastes like Chicken. :stuck_out_tongue:

Clearly its best to be good and crazy then sanely evil…or would it be insanely evil? I mean what evil person was ever sane…was this a trick question? o.o

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What do you mean by that xD also which meat are you gonna choose.

Well for one you can’t really compare fish with beef. That comes down to personal preference.
I mean, if it were fish vs squid it’d be a fair fight.
Alternatively steak vs burgers.

Shi*posting, it’s a term used on 4chan and Roddit for stupid posts.

(Also I pick Calamari, because it’s delicious.)


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well I can see someone voted for cyber calamri XD

I can’t see the poll working, am I the only one?

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Both, because all meat is delicious.
The more evil and crazy the more powerful you get, anyway.

But we are talking about meat prepared by them right? We are not talking about murder here? Good!

Thats because he’s not using the poll function.

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How do I fix that.