[poll] Which is the Scariest monster? [Over 24-hours passed - MOILEY WINS!]


So I found this cool post on Facebook and thought we’d make a pool out of it using our monsters. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Gorliath
  • Kroken
  • Wroith
  • Borhemoth
  • Moiley

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I based my vote on play style instead of looks.

With looks “Moiley” is definitely the scariest looking


Personally I was going to say gorgon- But i didnt see it on the list ¯\ _(ツ) _/¯


Same, and then I looked closer and there isn’t a SINGLE Monster from Evolve on that list.


In that case…

What monster is the scariest:

  • Boogyman
  • Emet’s Demon Core
  • The fact that @Azmi_Anuar can’t refer to Evolve monsters correctly

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I know who’s “NOT” Scary


Okay, okay here’s one that’ll DEFINITELY freak you out!


Why isn’t mammoth bird on there?


I love Mickey Ds but that was what made me turn on AdBlock


Fun fact: that sort of stuff freaked me out when I was younger.


Gorgon, damm jumpscares! :gorgon:


Scariest? Gorgon probably, but scariest when you think about how much damage they could actually do? Kraken or Behemoth. One can control electricity to devastating effect, and the other can terraform at will. One can fly and could probably render our technology useless (EMP) and the other is massive and could probably sink a damn city if he wanted to. Goliath is too cute, and wraith…I don’t know about wraith, her weakness is fire, like some lame ass frankenstein.


Is this a personal opinion because of the dot effect or some explicitly stated thing in game?


I vote Behemoth, I remember playing against a Behemoth when I was running away as a hunter, only to think I shook him off but instead he was right behind me.

Bob is terrifying.


nah, I mean if she’s on fire her invisibility doesn’t work.


Azmi, final answer.




You didn’t suggest, as part of the poll, you…you are the scariest monster, heh.


The correct answer is gum.


The “Miley” joke is still not funny.