Poll: Which Evacuation ending cinematic do you prefer?


Which of the two ending cinematics do you prefer to watch?

  • Monster Win
  • Hunter Win

Monster win starts at about 57:05 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eva_ijSpuUY

I don’t recall where I saw the hunter win video and don’t have a link so this may be slightly biased, but I did love the monster win more. If someone could link me to a video showing their cinematic, I would appreciate it


*Note that the first poll I posted got messed up


Here is the link to the Hunter win. (Note, it looks pretty bad for the oomans)


I think that the humans won just because they didn’t get rekt 5 seconds into the start of the winning cinematic xD


Ya, I was confused when I first saw that cinematic. I was like, wait, that was the Hunters winning? Of course, it is pretty cool looking that if you do go down, you go down like that in order to save the colonists and research of the Aliens. It would also establish canon that if there was a sequel why there might not be reusing the same Hunters :slight_smile:


Or a sequel to rescue the hunters, with the basis that they survived the onslaught and hid :wink:

But man, how many monsters did they kill >_< seems alot easier in the cinematic.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vx5OasSs-AQ here you are both of them


I prefer the Hunter win, there’s something really dark about the Monster win that makes me feel kinda uncomfortable


The one where Bucket doesn’t get stomped on!


You do realize that you are Voldemort, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Its possable that they survived in the Hunter win cinematic since the Monster win part definetly showed the Hunter’s demise.

As for a sequel (which I hope is a long ways away in the hope that this game will last for a long time) remember in Val’s Story it is confirmed that Shear is not the first planet to to be invaded by these creatures so if there is a sequel, the story would either be the Hunters evacuating another planet the Monsters are invading or they try and take the fight to the Monsters by trying to find their planet of origin.


I get why



oh the votes are neck and neck


Me to, but since we were just spectating the match we probably weren’t as attatched to the Monsters.

Mabye the Monster win will be more comfortable to us and the Hunter win will be more uncomfortable to us when we play as the Monster


Hunter win, because unlike the Monster win, the game ends with the Hunters actually standing a chance to get off that rock.

It’s much more satisfying to know that the character you were playing as went down with a fighting chance than seeing others overrun them for you.


But… but… What if I want the Monsters to win? Filthy oomans think they own everything :stuck_out_tongue:


My point is that it’s not any of the Alphas killing the Hunters. I just see grunts overrun a group of MUCH better warriors with sheer numbers.

I mean, the Alphas won the war on Shear. And then I see only the cheapest of what the entire Monster race got.


Fun fact, wasn’t even a war when the hunters arrive with the planet half eaten.


Pawn to King 4 :stuck_out_tongue:


I watched the hunters win but it looks like the hunters die. I still like the monsters winning. Couldn’t stand all the monsters dying.