(POLL) Which character would you like TRS do as a Weekend Event next? Theme is Pool Party

I’m going to put into poll, one of the least popular character from the Medic, Support, Assault class. To see how well people can do with them(the least popular hunters) and give trs an idea on how the characters play with my different comps.

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Why not just make a poll here? :slight_smile:

Laz FTW  

wanna see what people can do with these underpowered class.

I dont think hes underpowered, hes just misused :blush:

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Bucket! He’s a lot of fun even if he is subpar.

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I don’t think any of those are underpowered… well maybe Val. Her tweak feels like a nerf(a real one) to me… both Parnell and bucket are the highest damage in their class… and Laz is… Laz.

hence the emphasis.

POLL* Just Sayin and you could have just made a poll here instead of making a link.

Is it an indoor or an outdoor pool? Also, is it heated?

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and how do you do that?


[quote=“Azmi_Anuar, post:11, topic:52987”]
and how do you do that?

[/quote]I have no idea but I’m going to try and find out now.

It wouldnt let me quote :confused:

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I stole your thread :sunglasses:

Event theme is Pool Party.

Mad hate for Val. Why is the theme pool party? The only pools on Shear have canyon eels or tyrants in them.

Think about it…






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