Poll: When Time Runs Out?

Sorry if this is redundant, but I’ve seen the whole poll thing lately and liked it! I figured I could ask a few questions of my fellow players to get some insight on their thoughts.Topic for today:

Hunt Match Timer

Now as a Monster Player, this feature of the game has been eating away at me since launch! When I say the game is biased of Hunters, this part of the game is always one of those factors which solidifies that idea in my mind. From a Monster point of view, it’s absolutely unfair that the Timer punishes monsters. At first, you’d think it’s a good idea! But now that the game is well over 200 days old, it’s clear there are some flaws. I’ve played too many Silver+ matches where the entire team of pre-made hunters didn’t even try to hunt me. They just camped the Relay and waited. Because ultimately they knew that I’d be forced to go there because of the timer or risk a loss. They always had it easy and could, purposely, try to just endure the fight and make the clock run out for a win.

Does one team in a Football game have to endure the stress of the clock running out when the scores are tied and risk making mistakes? No! In my opinion both teams should suffer some sort of penalty for the clock or none at all! But not this one sided stuff.

So I ask your thoughts.

What do you think should happen when the 20 minute round timer runs out?

  • Nothing is wrong with the current system.
  • Both Hunters and Monster should suffer a loss.
  • Both Hunters and Monster Draw.
  • Overtime! Changing victory conditions.

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Hunters can’t force a monster to fight thats what the relay is for. If monsters could just run and hide and cause a draw or a lose for both then monsters would never need to lose and if hunters tried to avoid that by hunting the monster down the monster since it is much faster could sprint back to the relay and destroy it.


A losing monster can just go to S3 and play keep-away to force a draw or a win. By having the time out as a Hunter win, it allows the hunters to pressure the monster, as well as pressuring the monster to destroy the relay or defeat the hunters in a fight.

If the hunters try to play keep-away, the monster just needs to attack the relay. The hunters need to come out, or will take a loss and the monster slowly (or rapidly) does damage to the relay.

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Not saying you’re wrong, when you’re right. But that doesn’t mean it’s good game design. My main beef is that there is too much underlying stress caused by the timer, especially in a close match where the Hunters and Monster are neck and neck, evenly skilled. Where they cannot kill me and I cannot kill them. Ultimately I’m doomed to lose if I do not make more aggressive movements and make riskier moves. It puts the monster in a position where absolutely no mistakes can be made – but the hunters don’t suffer from the same stress levels. If this is because of the Relay, then I’m going to further suggest the Relay portion of the game needs to be reconsidered.

This Timer problem has always been an issue for me. It’s never sat well with me. I do not like how you can so easily defend it with the Relay as the crutch.

I reluctantly vote for a draw, only because there will most likely be some monster players who would rather let the clock run out than lose. Which will lead to even worse games.

The reason the timer is on the monster is because they can keep avoiding the hunters across the entire map and draw out the game. The reason the relay is there is to prevent hunters spreading all over the map and doing the same thing when the monster comes to kill them.

What the hunters need is more incentive to chase the monster, and the monster needs more incentive to fight. Currently relays really favor hunters so with some monsters (wraith) theyll just sit there rather than risk strikes. Similarly, some monsters will just fleetill3. The only thing I can think of is giving the monster an objective that involves fighting the hunters. Perhaps they should need to accomplish this objective in order to evolve. Then we can make the relays less hunter favored so sitting at them is discouraged.

This sounds like the most sane thing ever. Because yes, now that I started this topic I’m starting to see a bigger picture. It’s not just the Timer that’s the issue, but also the Relay. You’re right, there needs to be more going on – more objectives to accomplish. Right now, it’s not enough for both teams. Hunters already exploit the Relay timer as it stands, so that is a problem we cannot ignore. I like the suggestion you made.

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Well right now the idea is that you want to come out ahead in the damage/strike race before you go to the relay as either side. So ideally hunters want to chase the monster for hp damage while it cant kill them as easily. Meanwhile the monster is supposed to ambush the hunters as they do this in order to try to get strikes. This is how the devs want the game to play out.

But since the damage race is a “soft” objective (not required to win, but really helps) some teams and monsters choose to ignore it in favor of 100% safe play. There needs to be more downsides to safe play.

I’m still inclined to agree with you. Personally I was thinking the other day that Eating Hunters needs to be much more of a thing. Aside from having wonderful animations of them screaming and getting ripped apart into a bloody mess, like literally ripping them limb from limb – a feature I’m certain we’ll never get to see – it’ be a nice objective for the Monster. But what about Hunters? Seriously, that’s the biggest issue. We know there is a problem, so we need to come up with ideas to resolve. What sort of additional objectives should the hunters have to keep them pushing on the Monster?

The whole point of hunters is to win the war of attrition they minimize damage to themselves and slowly chip away at your health. If you can’t kill them then they are winning as long as they can do health damage.

The timer exists to avoid 40 minute or an hour long games where the monster just continues to run away to armour up.

Well if relay positions are nerfed, a s3 monster will be a lot scarier for a hunter team. So 100% safe play is not 100% safe anymore, and the hunters need to pursue that damage race or the monster will just flatten them at s3. A soft objective is ok as long as ignoring it gives the other side enough of an advantage*. Right now the free s3 does not give the monster enough of an advantage over hunters with no strikes in good positions.

I came up with a joke suggestion that there should be 3 relays on the map, and the monster would have to destroy 1 each time it wants to evolve. But it seems like that would give incentive to chase as hunters too since you dont know what relay the monster might attack. But that ones probably got some problems i dont see yet.

*if youve ever played starcraft 1 or 2, pressuring a zerg as terran is a similar soft objective. You do so to keep their economy from going out of control. In both those games it is almost required as zergs with economic advantages will roll over terran players.

They aren’t doing health damage most of the time. And it’s always a strange dance. It’s never so cut in dry in these rare matches.

If they aren’t doing health damage then you should have no problem commiting unless you are a wraith a full health stage 3 kraken/behemoth or goliath should with little difficulty be able to take down hunters. If you aren’t then you are being heavily outplayed by the support + medic and if they had a better assault they’d probably kill you.

Exactly why the Relay System /. Timer System favors the Hunters too much. Word. For. Word.

Well right now we have Elite Monsters on the map. A lot of people are bitching that the Buffs should be removed from the Elite Monsters, and you know – I’m inclined to agree. But instead of just remove them from the game, why not just re-purpose them for different uses. Perhaps the monsters need to kill a certain amount to Evolve? Maybe the Hunters need to kill them to increase, not their own stats, but make the monsters on the map more difficult for the Monster to kill?

The round timer in Nest is monster favored. And the round timer in Arena is a draw.
Having the round timer in Hunt be hunter favored seems okay with me.


Invalid - Hunt is used in Ranked mode, so has to be 100% balanced.

Although I agree that the round timer has to be hunter favoured, or the monster can just run away.

I have yet to find a team that just camped the relay, so I can’t really make any other comment here :L

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I have never camped the relay, but how does this make it a timer problem? Since no one is hunting you. you could stage up fast, and all the buffs would be yours to find and use. I don’t think its a good hunter idea since I couldn’t see it taking more then 8-9 mins for a monster not getting chased to reach stage 3.

Then you’re lucky, I’ve seen this shit plenty of times and it’s annoying as hell.
Against a good team you need strikes for a relay fight, and the only way to get those strikes is to fight the hunters while they’re pursuing you. Good hunters know this and sometimes they just decide not to play ball.
It’s cheap, it’s cheesey, it’s borderline exploiting the mechanics as clearrly the game was not meant to be played this way, but some people just want to win, even if it means standing around while the monster feeds.

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Yeah no. Just remove the buffs. Simple as that.

This is what the developers thought, but sadly in an ideal world this would be the case. But this isn’t an ideal world. Relays favor the hunters too much. Hunters with no Strikes also benefit from the fact that the monster has been wasting time eating and fearing being hunted. So the Monster does hit Stage 3, but when the monster goes for the relay time is still on the hunters side. All they have to do is hold out, either kill the beast or just just play perfect defense where they never die. Really it’s too easy to win this way, many pre-made teams do it because they realize how easy it is to do. It benefits the Hunters more to go against the model of the game.

Well it depends map, and monster you pick. I agree that Wraith has a really hard time at relay fights, but TRS already said they are going to buff stage 3 monsters a bit i think.