Poll: What's your Human Benchmark?!


Just wondering what everyone’s average is!


Figured we’d better hone our skills for Evolve!

  • 180 and below
  • 190
  • 200
  • 210
  • 220
  • 230
  • 240
  • 250 and above


My best was 210 my average 250


Wait is the lower the better or the highest the better?


It’s like Golf and Life. The lower the better :smiley: Also, this is terrible to try using a touchpad :stuck_out_tongue:


well fuck…


Lower is better. The faster you respond the faster your reflexes are.


Haha #rekt @Rctboy95


I’ll try to beat you :stuck_out_tongue:


278ms :smile:


I don’t know if i did it by accident but i hit 178 one time. It’s hard to repeat it. Looks like I hover around 200. Consistency is key so I’m have to say average 210 for now! I’ll try again when I drink more coffee!


At first, I thought this had to do with benchpressing…


Did another 5.Average 213.

Since we’re at it try this one also http://10fastfingers.com/typing-test/english
I got 113 words per min


Did another 5 too… 239 now! :smile:


You’ll be able to snipe that monster before he can react in no time!


Saint for save! :stuck_out_tongue:


Got 90 words per min but english is not my native language, harder to type faster :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t like this typing test because it doesn’t use proper sentence structure. A lot of people lose many words per minute when dealing with punctuation and numbers.


I’m Greek, English ain’t my native language either but i can type a lot faster English.If you put me to type on Greek i would hit like 30 per min :stuck_out_tongue:


xD haha most of the time i type dutch for school and stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m pretty sure if i do it 3-4 times i’ll hit 120 words.I’m really fast at the keyboard but you know…I type Internet-English.