Poll: What type of monster would you like to see in evolve: The Final Round


The winner of round 1 was frost. Things have changed and the new winner of round 2 is plant! Will plant win again? Will frost make a comeback? or will bone rise to the top and beat both. We shall see in this final showdown, let the voting begin for the finalists on what type of monster you would like to see in evolve!

  • Plant
  • Bone
  • Frost

Choose wisely


Hm, I must have missed something: I have no idea what this poll is about. :frowning:


Woops forgot to mention that for any new voters, i’ll fix that right now :smile: @Sijuvabien


When thinking of monsters and aliens and beasts, that are ‘bone’, my mind does go,
Back to a series called Shadow Raiders, and Lord Femur, sitting on his bone throne,
He was a little silly, but managed to be scary from time to time with his organic constructions,
But a monster he wasn’t, just comic relief for the whole of the show’s short production.

And so for the moment I’ll ally with plant, as water did not make the cut.
I just pray that somehow this monster will employ throwing exploding nuts.


what about a frost plant :open_mouth:


I want that illusion monster. :wink:


Doesn’t wraith kind of do that with decoy and its whole sneaky approach is pretty much how an illusionist would play. what would you want to specifically see from an illusionist monster ? I’m kind of interested now.


Did you see my last post on the last vote thread he made?


That has what I meant in it.


I’m sorry, I don’t think I did see the last poll, I was actually more interesting in the abilities you wanted for the monster. I chose bone btw because I like Doomsday and he’s f’ing amazing. I imagine he would play like a cross between goliath and behemoth.

His abilities would be:

Bone Cage which is basically a grab that places a hunter inside cage for a short period of time dealing massive damage however can be broken by other hunters to negate that.

Fragment Blast which is like a burst of bone fragments in one direction dealing low damage but has moderate push back, sort of like Maggie’s smg however works like krakens mine ability in that you don’t have to wait for it to fully charge before using it but if you do it means you can have it active for longer for greater push back.

Hardening which is where the user would encase itself in a hard bone shell gaining a temporary damage reduction and pretty much works like assaults shield.

Bone Eruption which is bone pillars that burst from the ground dealing massive aoe damage and would act a lot like Krakens after shock only you wouldn’t be able to move.


I picked bone, so it’s okay.