Poll: What side do you play?


Just curious as to what everyone plays. Are you more monster or hunter?

  • Nearly exclusively hunter
  • Mostly hunter and occasionally monster
  • Both nearly evenly
  • Mostly monster and occasionally hunter
  • Nearly exclusively monster
  • Other: waiting simulator

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95% hunter. Love them.


I try to play both a lot, but I find myself drifting towards the hunters more. I just feel guilty if Im playing as monster and I absolutely wipe a team because they have a bad medic or assault.


No working headset=playing as monster


I play as Monster until friends get on. So I end up doing both about evenly.


Hey me too!


I play monster when I start getting irritated with randoms.


MIcs aren’t a;ways required. I use a kinect so if I’m playing pubs I’ll only turn it on if I see that they have them and want to communicate. Obviously communication helps but if the other players are experienced we can get along decently without them.


Almost exclusively hunter for me.


Just a shot in the dark here but I’m guessing almost always as Caira


I mean mic + headphones aren’t working, so I can’t hear my teammates either, or any of the ‘monster is nearby’ sounds


Used to only play monster then switched into only playing hunter. Switching back into only playing monster at the moment.


I always loved both ends, but I play Monster mainly due to its uniqueness. Besides that, I think the Monsters might not actually be the real villains behind this story.

I enjoy playing Hunter on parties, not so much by myself. If Monster play worked every time I went to it, I’d probably be playing it a lot more, as I used to.


I play trapper on my team but I would also play tiebreaker monster if it came down to it


I’ve always been a monster main, but now I can only play monster when I have four hunters willing to go into customs. Not very common. So I’m pretty much a Hunter player now. :confused:


I play observer because it gives me map hacks.


Monster and Hunter all elite all more that good.
Wait four 1x Monster Match 15-40 min.
Wait four 1x Hunter match whit 1 of my teams 5-25 min.


I was 95% Hunter before Hunt 2.0…now I play Monster about 75%…so I’d say roughly overall I’m a 50/50 player. Hunt 2.0 really opened up the other half of the game for me and made playing monster viable (for me).


Same goes for me. :slight_smile: Before Hunt 2.0 I was mostly just playing Monster. With Hunt 2.0 I’m less scared of trying out the hunter aspect of the game.


This poll is missing options.
I am exclusively Hunter.
I tried playing Monster the first few days of Evolve, was terrible at it, hated it, never looked back.