[Poll] What should Meaty get next?

I’ve been loving MG, and he’s probably my favorite monster in Evolve yet, gameplay-wise. But he does feel unfinished…

What are you hoping for MG next patch?

  • DLC skins
  • Balance adjustments
  • Masteries & elite skin
  • Community challenge with a free skin
  • Set aside Meaty, focus on vanilla Goliath

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At this point I feel like everyone’s going to abandon and forget about poor Vanilla Goliath… D:


Naw, there’s always people like Pythios who only play Goliath

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True. And to be honest Vanillaliath is still my favorite. :slight_smile:


I just don’t like that MG is blue and kinda easily spotted. But that’s pretty much the same for most vibrantly colored skins…

Other than that, it’s still an iffy monster for me.

Actually he doesn’t shine at all when he crouches. In fact when he crouches, since the flames go out, he’s pretty hard to spot since his skin is actually pretty dark.

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Idk, sometimes I got an eye out for the different colors in the distance. The one thing about me and that is I always confuse the footprints with the actual monster when I’m in weird angles aha. :sweat_smile:
I get all excited then realize I’m still a dunce because it’s just a darn footprint.

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Definitely give OG some love to balance him and get him up to par. After that, my vote would be elite skin and masteries, to make him feel like his own monster.

Is it just me or is the OG really slow feeling?

He’s certainly slower than Meteor, if only because speccing Charge and Leap Smash in Meteor increases the ability’s duration and frequency respectively.

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I don’t like the MGs head. He is pretty cool but he’s no OG.

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Apparently Goli is hurting pretty bad in telemetry too.

MG has a longer range Charge and Leap Smash, and a quite literally faster traversal. He doesn’t go further, but he jumps quicker. So yeah, OG is way too slow, while MG might be too fast.

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Pretty sure the art department that is making skins is not in charge of balance adjustments and adding masteries, so the poll is kind of pointless.

But I do want some adjustments.
As an example Sunny, or more specifically, her Shield Drone shuts him down. HARD.

I was surprised he is not only tanker, but also faster, that’s a strange combination. Normal Goliath is still better with burst damage, but it seems like MG oughta be a little slower traversal wise, since he has the extra range on abilities and more armor. It’d fit his tankier feel.

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Where is the “Fix everything else first button” :wink:

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I don’t believe he has more armor, does he?

I see a lot of OG. Not as much as I see MG, but there’s definitely a lot of people who still play OG.

What bout’ AN ALTS MENU?

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yea, his head looks like Blizzard’s Diablo changed barely enough to avoid copyright