Poll: What Rating Would You Give this Game?


I want all of you to be honest here, I love this game a lot but I would like to conduct this poll seeing how all of you rate it and then post why you gave it that rating. Be serious on this poll please because I want this to be a helpful thread for the devs. Thanks for your time

  • 11/10 ign I’d marry this game
  • 10/10 Would Play Again
  • 9/10 Awesome
  • 8/10 Great
  • 7/10 Good
  • 6/10 Okay
  • 5/10 Meh
  • 4/10 Needs Improvement
  • 3/10 Bad
  • 2/10 Aweful
  • 1/10 What am I doing on this forum


9/10. Getting into a match without hiccups or getting monster when you want hunter and viceversa then enduring the relatively long loading times is the only thing that gets me down.

That… and Kraken. He needs to come down with traps.

Otherwise I’ve sold all of my other games except Bloodborne because they’ve been gathering dust due to Evolve. Heck I returned Metro Redux and Wolfenstein because shooting AI isnt nearly as fun as shooting a Goliath who panicks at low health! :smile:


I give this game 11/10, seriously all my other games have been collecting dust since I bought it like what you said @antikaratekid
The concept of it was well executed and I personally believe this game brings something new and refreshing to the world of gaming that has been becoming infamous for its “cookie cutter” games as of late.
Cheers TRS I look forward to reading more news and seeing this game thrive :beers:


In its current state?
Once some balance issues get sorted out, bugs are squashed, Matchmaking is actually matchmaking, and I finally beat Shadow of Mordor to remove other distractions?
12/10, would bang.
Fuckin love this game.


Shadow of Mordor doesn’t excite me that much to be honest


You’re not a major LOTR nut like I am ;p
Kinda have an obsession…


No I’m a huge LOTR nut
still waiting on a proper trilogy game to be made lol
back on topic


I’d honestly give it a 7.

I’m being realistic here, yes, a lot of problems exist within Evolve - However, I’d definitely say that it’s a 7 overall, because for the right audience, this is the -perfect- game, regardless of problems.

I love it to death.


A solid 8.

Unique and, at times, incredibly fun, but not perfect.

A great game with a chance to become greater.


11/10 for being original, having a great community, having a great developing team, and for just being awesome.


9/10 for me. I love the game, and it’s awesome. But some of the bugs, just pull it down for me. But I wouldn’t be playing it, if I didn’t love it. ^.-


8/11 for me because theirs shit connection games everywhere now. it needs local search options I don’t want to find far away country’s all the time all day


Yeah, like today I thought do I want to finish far cry 4? Nah, because evolve. That’s why :stuck_out_tongue:


I did 9/10.

Outside the oddball bugs/glitches/Kraken Abuse, the game has had me log over 500 hours w/o much complaint (At the very least, not nearly sa much as I QQ about other games!) and keeps me coming back.

That said, the biggest reason it isn’t a 10 is because I never give out max-ratings, because there’s ALWAYS room for improvement :wink:

Same reason I never do the lowest, since there’s always a way to screw things up even more (Looking at you, WarZ and A:CM…)


I think you need to calm down a bit.


This game is amazing in my opinion. Ive posted a few times that its my second favorite of all time. Yet, thinking objectively, i had to give this game a 7/10 because of the constant balance issues (wraith, kraken, sunny), the terrible matchmaking, and the absurd amount of dlc.




Fair enough, I’m curious though how good this game will be by t5, hoping for all bugs fixed by then at least most anyways



The game is good but it’s no top seller.


Quirkly, how many tranq’s did Val hit you with.