[Poll] What Most Evolve players want !?!


The most you want TRS to do !!??

  • More Modes
  • More Maps
  • More Hunters & Monsters
  • Balance Hunters and Monsters
  • Ranked Matches
  • Fix Glitches & Matchmaking
  • 2 hour Story Co-op Dlc
  • Nothing

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The statistics will help TRS to know what the community wants the most !!


And they focus on bringing it to us !!!


Evolve is the best game … And we want to increase evolve player base !!


Justin Bieber wailing every time a Hunter dies.


bugs, bugs bugs bugs, bugs bugs bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs and more bug fixes.

After that story (serioulsly it can be done SOOOOOOOOOOOo good too the dialogue is gold).

Balance and more hunters after that.


Co-op DLC sounds fun. I want to play as Abe, and Parnell taking down Space Pirates.


Most Evolve players want Vals ass. Make that a option and I will vote.


She’s a cartoon.


Considering it can OHKO monsters. Yeah anyone would want it.


Technically she’s digital. And don’t start that nonsense. “Oh she’s not real.” It’s called appreciation.


A ranked mode so I can prove myself on the leaderboard and it’ll actually matter.


But dat Caira ass doe…


I prefer Val over Caira.

Caira talks to much.


Val looks like Pewdiepie after a shave…


Caira needs to be plugged up though.

She talks way too much.


I don’t think she’s swedish and calls people “bros”.

She’s got that tomboyish look to her.


Val is most likely German actually.


Balance is obviously a given. I just want t5


Probably. I like her look. Nice short hair, nice blue eyes. I like it. though I don’t really like the beret. Never liked berets.

She reminds me of ada wong somewhat. Similar hair styles, similar looks. except she isn’t Asian nor does she (so far) conceal any secrets and doesn’t play the neutral game. Though val doesn’t wear make up (or much of it)


Point is that she looks mannish.


I dont know what kind of women you have seen but that ass is a space station.

And her ingame model doesnt look mannish at all imho.