Poll: What is your favorite map?


Hi all! We are looking to come up with a set of maps for competitive play. One of the things we want to consider is which maps you like the most. This doesn’t have to mean the most balanced, etc. Just whatever map is your favorite. We’ll be looking at updating them in the future with competitive play in mind and adjusting placement of wildlife Elite spawns, etc.

  • Armory
  • Aviary
  • Barracks
  • The Dam
  • Distillery
  • Fusion Plant
  • Medlab
  • Orbital Drill
  • Refueling Tower
  • Rendering Plant
  • Weather Control
  • Wraith Trap


I enjoy all maps except for the dessert maps, they’re just too strong for hunters expection would be Barracks.


I love Fusion Plant the most, because of it’s variety and detail, Aviary is a close second for the same reasons, plus it’s feels quite different from the other maps, especially when playing monster because of the segmented areas.

Also, honorable mention to The Dam, that map just feels perfect.


I voted Aviary. I think it’s the perfect example of a good large map. Despite its large size, the tunnels and cages make it very choke point oriented, keeping it easy to dome the monster.

Also the aesthetic is amazing. Unique idea, and all my favorite maps are dual biome maps.


The Dam & Fusion Plant are one of my favorites that also where in the Big Alpha

I would have prefered The Dam to have the regeneration perk but Fusion Plant has it so I like both of the maps equally!


I’m a fan of rendering plant myself due to the distinct areas throughout the map


I have too mcu nostalgia for Fusion Plant.
Also I just love that you can go any direction on the map from spawn. So many possible ways for a hunter team to go the wrong way. 8)


the good old classic Fusion Plant map ^^


I love the forest atmosphere and the big ol plane you can hide on top :smile:


I really like armory for whatever reason. I cannot stand Aviary tho, sooo much running. :sob:


shhh… let’s keep some secrets :wink:


Yep, this has quickly become one of those maps… you know, maps like Dust, 2fort, Blood Gulch and Hang em High’. If this game was more popular, I’m sure this map would become an absolute classic among multiplayer maps.


Fusion Plant and Aviary are good I like the Rendering Plant.


Armory and Weather Control are the best!


The Dam and Distillery are my two favorite maps. The Dam is just overall amazing.

Distillery is my favorite training-grounds for solo. Plus I also like fighting there.


No love for distillery, huh? I feel like it gives some of the most interesting and fun mobile arenas.


Its a tie between The Dam and Fusion Plant.


I’m a big fan of Wraith Trap.


I’m not even surprised fusion plant and aviary are most voted, they are the most hunter favorable maps out there in my opinion. It is fine since balanced wasn’t needed as he said but I would really prefer balanced only maps since you are looking into competitive.

Wraith trap, refueling tower, weather control sound good.


Aviary and Fusion Plant don’t favor the hunters over the monster, they’re pretty well balanced imo.
Refueling Tower is a monster playground.