[POLL] What hunters should be buffed?



In light of a recent Kala topic I’d like to know who people think that are the weaker hunters that should need a buff to be actually playable. You can vote as many as you want, but be sure to give motivation for your votes, there’s no point in voting if we don’t get a “why” perspective


  • Markov
  • Blitz Markov
  • Hyde
  • Parnell
  • Torvald
  • Lennox
  • Renegade Abe

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  • Maggie
  • Wasteland Maggie
  • Griffin
  • Electro Griffin
  • Abe
  • Crow
  • Jack

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  • Val
  • Rogue Val
  • Lazarus
  • Caira
  • Quantum Caira
  • Slim
  • E.M.E.T.
  • Paladin Parnell

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  • Hank
  • Tech Sgt. Hank
  • Bucket
  • Cabot
  • Sunny
  • Kala

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By the way before any of that sh*t starts, please keep it civilized, I notice a lot of people resort to mocking when their opinion is not validated and it’s really unnecessary.

Anyhow, thank you for your time and don’t forget to motivate your opinions! :smiley:


Don’t know about assault (other than change the mortal of Torvald). But Waggie, tech hank and rogue val need some love fast.

Also obligatory help wraith help life message.


I disagree that Rogue Val needs a buff. She trades team healing for self sustain. Buff her healing and she becomes OP.


I do understand that you trade sustain for healing, however right now she is (for me at least). low tier. Right with qcaira.

She needs to at least be able to keep someone alive, till her capacity is down. Usually for me I keep healing and they take charge and normal attacks, and go down even before the med gun is empty.

At least give her more capacity or a little more single focused heal power. I am not talking about a lot, just maybe 5 or 10 would be enough.

Then again, I am no balance guy so I am just saying my honest opinion.


Lennox needs some of her old Lance damage back. Landing a string of Max damage hits doesn’t do much and her AA gun is doing more damage than her main weapon.

Waggie… oh boy. Damage increase across the board, and more aggressive Daisy AI. The combat trap jaw doesn’t do combat. It mitigates and hides, which is fine for og Daisy, but wasteland needs to use the flamethrower. In legacy wasteland Daisy was a threat. Not a massive one but one worth considering as monster as she would follow the monster around spewing fire. Now she does pretty much nothing to justify the lower hp.


Every good Monster will not focus Rouge Val goes on an other Hunter because of her bad healing. The hunter who get focused will go down and your team got a strike.

In the end no one is alive and you as medic are alone fighting with no strikes a stage 3 monster, GG :wink:
Your team died but hey you got no strikes as medic :wink:


Not entirely sure about other hunters but Lennox most definitely needs some buffs. Since, let’s be honest, she has needed precisely none of the nerfs that she has been given and has been “balanced” around monsters that ignore her.

I would also like to advocate having some hyper armour, or something, thrown on Thunderstrike, because that thing has needed something a little bit more since day one.


True enough, also don’t know if people have the issue with it but…

I kinda hate the non automatic feel for her weapon, even Jack is much better.

No idea how to properly explain though.


If you want Rogue Val but with more focused healing play Paladin Parnell.

PP and R.Val are different takes on the tanky medic. PP does more focused single target healing, and R.Val heals multiple people for less overall individual healing.


Are you really saying, she is fine at is? I understand she can aoe heal (and bad by the way). but the way I read what you saying is…

Don’t like the crappy healing play other medic? I mean SERIOUSLY? You really think is fine for a r val with double capacity healing full time someone, and the monster still get him down. (and no, I am not talking about taking rocks in the face and LS).

I know she was op, and yes she was a nightmare for monsters. But right now she and qcaira are like I said low tier. (which means they suck).

I do hold to my opinion that she needs at least A LITTLE more single target heal. And no, I am not talking about 20-30 or some BS numbers like that.

Hell if you REALLY so strong about making her focused heal trash tier, can she at least have more capacity or faster reload? That sounds reasonable right?


Definitely think Torvald could use a little love. Maybe just more accurate mortars or something simple like that. Other than that, Lennox maaaaybe, but I think she’s fine.

Waggie needs help. There’s not much point in picking her over anyone else right now. Buff either her damage or her trap, I think. I also think E-Griffin could use a buff, but I’m not sure exactly what. He just don’t feel very good. Maybe a very slightly longer stasis time on shots?

Qaira just feels bad, and Paldnell feels like he highlights that. 27 healing her per second that stacks to usually a max of 71 or something, not including her class ability which at most brings it to 100 healing per second in absolutely perfect conditions, or Paldnell shooting a rocket that heals for 125 in what feels like a bigger area, does so instantly, and can brought up with Righteous Fury? Sure, he can’t heal himself and others very well, but I still think while switching between weapons he does a better job of it than her. Her damage isn’t high enough to justify the low healing, and her damage reduction has too long of a cooldown to be reliable. You stop maybe 1 of every 4 cycles, and that’s just not enough.

I don’t really think Kala is UP. I used to think so, but after someone showed me how to play her right, I think she’s just a really high communication support where the medic needs to actually be smart. And certain medics work far better with her than others - Slim and the Vals are terrible, for example.


RV’s more of an anti-body camp, high-damage medic. People WILL go down, it’s just a matter of making sure the monster can’t kill them on the ground and will take damage for it. That’s why the best way to beat her is to get 2 strikes on everyone else, then kill them all, leaving her alone.


Her overall healing is fine. She has bad FOCUSED SINGLE TARGET HEALING. If you want a medic with some tankiness like Rogue Val, but with better single target healing, play Paladin Parnell.

Its like the difference between Mercy and Lucio in Overwatch.


Jack.Needs no slow on firing,stopping gorgon traversal and maybe more repulsor capacity/reload

Waggie no need to explain

Lennox.4 stacks to do as much damage as autopilot mode markov at 1/4 the range.Why pick her?

Rabe /flamesuit.His dome damage is horrible,and cannot be compensated for with an after dome dot


There should have been a none option to express that you feel that no character of a certain class needs a mayor buff.


Absolutely no idea what you mean by that.

Guess if she is like that Lazarus or PaPa will be much better than her in any situation.

Very well if looking in a way like Lazarus instead of normal medics… (slim val and caira) I guess she is fine at is.

Still don’t change the fact that qcaira and rogue val are being overshadowed by far by the other medics. Also correct if am wrong but… does any competitive team pick those 2?


Yes. Perfectly so. Exceedingly so.

If Rval’s whole point is that she’s ridiculously tanky with any sustain from another source and makes a terrible focus target, she sure as hell shouldn’t be putting out focused sustain on par with any other medic.

Also, lol at the idea that some dumbass think Rabe needs buffs.


All of them.


Hey there Terepin. Could you try to say which hunters need buff first? With explanation if possible.


In Overwatch, Mercy has a healing rod that heals a single target (think normal Vals healing gun). She is great at healing a single target but has to switch targets constantly.

Lucio is another healer in Overwatch that does AOE healing around himself, and can do additional healing for a limited time. Rogue Val works like this. She has an AOE heal around herself and can use her chain medigun to heal THE ENTIRE TEAM.

Don’t try to play Rogue Val like normal Val and you’ll be fine. They have completely different playstyles.