Poll: What hunter should be featured in the next event?

  • Lazarus
  • Val
  • Bucket
  • Parnell
  • Etc. (Your idea in the comments)


(POLL) Which character would you like TRS do as a Weekend Event next? Theme is Pool Party

Deal X amount of damage with super soldier


shameless plug:


I voted bucket on the other one but I don’t think I can give up Sunny… so Parnell!


Look at the daisies, Scope.


All of them, like the last hunter event.


Since it seems TRS like to make events to push people to use underplayed /underpowered people, Id put money on Val or Bucket.


Bucket… so there are less Sunny’s to deal with xD



But, I’m going to pretend it was really funny XD hahahaha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I want bucket, because he is just so secluded from the rest of his team when the drone is out, and i like easy kills with monster.


the gif is too long, let me just replace it with a shorter one…


Nooooo, don’t get the pugs to play lazarus moar, such vast minority knows how to play him properly. -cries in corner-


I think they’re doing it get more telemetry data, kind of like how they did it with Griffin before he got his buff.

I have a strong feeling that the next event is going to be for the medic class, most likely tests will be done for Val as they are giving her another health related buff to help her survive better vs stage 2-3 monsters.


I played with a lot of Laz today, 80% of them were very competent. Very patient and pretty swift, I’m no God-Tier level Laz player but I really admired how well people have been playing him today.

I also noticed how well people have been playing when I’m Laz, I get bossy when I’m Laz but everyone does their jobs so much better at keeping pressure at the monster if someone goes down, as long as everyone keeps their cool. I especially love it if I have a Bucket and Hyde with me. Sunny is not fair for the monsters, so I’d try to get the pub team support to use either Hank or Bucket. Kraken seems to be Lazarus’s bane as Kraken can keep tabs on a body safely in the air with no way of getting punish for it like the other monsters.

I don’t really have a Trapper pairing preference as Laz, but I have to say Crow seems to be the weakest pairing as they really don’t benefit from each other.

  • Maggie has her harpoon for you to retreat to and has Daisy to pick you up just in case.
  • Griffin is great at defending his team-mates from the fury of a raging monster sounds spikes are helpful once domed. As keeping in check of where the monster is moving helps Laz keep his distance.
  • Abe despite his lack of defensive utility, makes it up for being a really great combat trapper and man does that shotgun eat up the monster’s health when you have weak points in.
  • Crow, hmm… His stasis are really strong, but somehow Laz doesn’t benefit from this. Also his Rifle doesn’t effectively work with Laz’ weak points like the other three.


Well, then you’ve been way more lucky than I have.
The problem I find when pubbing with a team having a Lazarus is:

  • Bad sync with other classes (not the Lazarus fault but even so, picking him creates a greater risk)
  • Bad jukes, always the first one to get killed no matter what
  • Doesn’t use le glow
  • Instantly runs to a decapitated player only to die next to him/her

I lose like 8 out of 10 games with Laz. :frowning:


You can’t revive a decapitated hunter, no wonder they kept dying. :laughing:


Yes… That was the point :dizzy_face:


Decapitate: cut off the head of (a person or animal).

Incapacitated: deprived of strength or power (aka DBNO)

You CAN revive an incapacitated person but a decapitated person might be a bit of a challenge