[Poll] What does DiCE Mean?


#What does DiCE Mean?
This were selected from the community thread. You, the community get to choose the Name. I know which one I like :wink: But you’ll have to read them all and vote for which ever one you like the most :slight_smile:
Best of Luck, i’ll announce the winner on May 7th, during my broadcast (as a player) in the tournament. Please note there is a maximum of 20 options, So i took as many as I could. There are 2 polls, due to the number of responses, feel free to vote twice. I will be choosing whichever has the MOST Votes in Either Poll.
Best of Luck :slight_smile:

  • Done Improperly Can’t Edit
  • Daisy in Cabot Extreme
  • Dome in Competitive Expierience
  • Don’t invite Canned Earthworms
  • Deep in college excitement
  • Dug in; Can’t Exit
  • Dumb in complicated extremes
  • Die inexperienced Community (of) Evolve
  • Don’t Ingest Coca-cola everyday!
  • Don’t initiate, communicate, Everybody!
  • Dank inexpensive Cool Earbuds
  • Deem In Core Emet
  • Duals In Combat Evolution
  • Dangerous Inheritors Come Eat
  • Developing Intelligence, Comes Experience

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  • Demonstrate Insatiable Crow Extremes
  • Demonstrate, Inspire, Communicate and Evolve
  • Dank Intelligent Conservative Egrets
  • Dome-Inside-Caves-Eh
  • Dimensional Interference of Celestial Existence
  • Dimensional interference of Celestial Extinction
  • Dark Intergalactic Creatures Evolved
  • Data Intensive Celestial Experiment
  • Data-Intensive Celestial Experiment
  • Depart, Investigate, Capture, Exterminate
  • Death In Combat Evolved
  • Dictionarys Inside Charlie’s Edifice
  • Don’t Inherit Cool Einstein
  • Demethylchlortetracycline Implode Cholangiocholecystocholedochetomy Electroencephalographically

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What does DiCE stand for?

Danks mate.


I honestly wanted


but I couldn’t think of the other letters


Demonstrate incredible competitive evolve



dis is competitive evolve


This tournament is casual fun times :slight_smile:


dis is casual evolve

Either one works :wink:


yeah something something casual evolve


Something Something Darkside


Gonna bump this for good ol baddieseeds


The last one needs to win.


Can’t even pronounce the last one



I missed the part to sign up, and I really don’t want to miss out on this. Could someone direct me?


search function is your best friend.


Bump bump for those who’d like to join this weekend!


I’m in!


Has the winner been announced yet?


its locked… but its not announced :wink:
Announcement is during tomorrows stream


-_- Well played Seeds