Poll: What are your least liked map(s) and why?

  • Armory
  • Aviary
  • Barracks
  • Colonial Water and Power
  • Distillery
  • Fusion Plant
  • Kings Fort
  • Medlab
  • New Calico
  • Orbital Drill
  • Refueling Tower
  • Rendering Plant
  • Salveron Industries
  • The Dam
  • Weather Control Tower
  • Wraith Trap

Mine has to be Rendering Plant, it’s just an overall depressing map for me. No matter which side I’m playing on. It feels too open, no place to hide for a monster and that choke point in the center of the map is just god awful.


Rendering Plant, waaaay too small for me, 0 places to hide, just overall a really sucky map




The Dam, the hunters can just split in to pairs, one pair goes in the middle( with the trapper) and the other scares the monster and !bang! they got you, it’s very small.


Even hunting on the map is depressing. You either go up or down, no body ever goes down to the beach area anymore. Because that place is a death trap if you are a monster.


Broken Hill Foundry

It is a pretty map and it’s cool that they made an industrial map with actual colonized buildings and stuff, but I just hate how small and awkward it is to fight on. As the monster it is a pain to try to Evolve, and as a Hunter it is hard to stop the monster from running around in domes because of how many turns, drops, and buildings are in the way. It’s like a cycle of constant running in circles on such small maps. Griffon and Sunny shine really well while Goliath and Behemoth can also do well, but mainly Goliath.


Still Barracks for me, stupid map


Barracks is horrible too, they can just wait in the middle of the map and done and if they have Griffin there… worse.


fucking refueling tower.

cant see shit especially with rain…

only 3 good dome positions scrapyard village and the armadon side


but the important one is that 9/10 domes are useless on refueling no wonder it had 57% monster winrate


That map is hell for hunters lol.
Huge mammoth herds, tons of striders, 3 sloths, 3 tyrants, a bunch of reaver packs, and an armadon to boot.
Monster paradise ;p


Every acid map is my least favorite because that’s all I get about 80% of the time. I really miss fusion plant…


yeah good thing is most ppl now it and everyone skips it when someone ask for it:P


LppMy least favorite map is medlab, I get my ass kicked by mammoth birds.:rage:


Both broken hill maps are doo doo butter, they both are very pretty maps but I hate em me and my buddies skip every time but other than that wraith trap waaaay to big turns evolve into running simulator


I don’t like Armory. It feels too narrow while playing monster. I still enjoy all the maps though regardless.


I, hate, weather control, dangit.
I have this extreme bad luck of always dying to something before i get to the monster, and when im the monster i normally bump into random crap on my traversal.


I hate orbital drill.
I hate orbital drill.
I want to nuke orbital drill.
I hate orbital drill.


Dam, those freakin pillars are a pain if I don’t win at 2. I don’t like the food layout at all either.


I hate Wraith trap. Its shitty to hunt in because the monster can keep running along the edges while eating shitloads of food. Refueling Tower is horrible only because the doming locations are always terrible in it on the other hand some of my best ever games have been on Refueling tower so I can forgive it a bit.

But Wraith trap…



God damn pillar humpers are the worst, especially iistorvald with them.