[POLL] Wallpaper Opinion


So I’ve been thinking about my current desktop pictures and I’m thinking about either changing it or adding new wallpapers or just keeping it. As it stands currently I’d rather change it or keep it but I’d like to get second opinions on the matter. I will leave links to what desktop backgrounds I am thinking of using as links below.

Please voice your opinion below as I’d like help with my extremely minor dilemma.

  • Keep your current backgrounds.
  • Change to Defend backgrounds.
  • Change to Concept Art backgrounds.
  • Add backgrounds.

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###Current Backgrounds
###Defend Backgrounds
###Concept Art Backgrounds


I like the Goliath or Behemoth concept art backgrounds best, though personally I would suggest one of these gems:




Nice! It’d be great to get one of those for Gorgon, Behemoth, and Meteor Goliath but I have no idea where you even found that.


That one is from here:

But you can get one for any character by playing them and then quit the game.
When you load up again you can take a screen shot before the Menu UI comes onto the screen.


Like this! You just need to make sure the mouse cursor is out of the way or remove it using PS