[Poll] Val



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  • Balanced
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Value = 110 per sec

  • OP
  • Balanced
  • UP

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Healing burst on teammate is 332 every 12 seconds

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  • Balanced
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Duration = 6 seconds
Slow monster walk movement by 46%
Slow monster sneak movement by 28%

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If there is something wrong with Transq … What should be done ?

  • Remove slow of movement … make it do damage/reveal the monster instead
  • Reduce impact on monsters movement
  • Reduce the duration
  • Make the first 3 second slow/reveal the monster / Make the last 3 second to reveal the monster
  • Nothing

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Sniper Rifle
Value = 1.9x

  • OP
  • Balanced
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Is Val the strongest Medic ?

  • Yes
  • No

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Thanks for the vote


I feel the biggest problem with Val is how quickly she gets teammates back up compared to other medics(except laz of course).

If the monster doesn’t put a rock or two into the downed hunter that hunter will be back up in less than 8 seconds(it feels like at least, these aren’t calculated numbers).
Rogue Val is also really good at this.

Sure, Caira can do it too, but at least she is sacrificing her self heal. Val can just keep the medgun trained on the body and she still get’s her heal burst every 12 seconds.


I believe her healing is perfect. However the traq gun is quite strong. Combined with a trapper’s CC it can really be too much.


Where are val OP shouters ?

Transq doesn’t work if the trapper was crow / Abe . Spamming CC

Because stasis has higher effect / duration on monster movement than transq does . The game only pick the greater value

It appear that what is broken about val is only Tranqs … healing output seemed balanced ( voters perspective )


not entirely true. The tranqs and stasis slows may not overlap. however, lets say the monster is tranq’d and jumps outside of a stasis grenade. well, its still slowed now and abe can now toss another one (more easily than normal) to slow him even more. which also makes it easier to re-tranq.

The same goes for Crow.

Basically, the tranqs + stasis makes the slow effects more consistent and more constant. The slowing effect not overlapping doesn’t mean that tranqs “dont work”


It’s fair to say Transq is situational with crow / Abe

It works pretty well with other trappers


i dont think its any more situational than any other trapper.


If I may make a suggestion for your polls for the future to make them more relevant and provide a better picture.

  • Overpowered
  • Strong, but within reason
  • Average
  • Weak, but within reason
  • Underpowered

Simply putting OP UP Balancd doesn’t say very much, because If I think a character is strong but balanced, and another is weak, but good enough they both get the same rating despite being massively different sides of balanced, this helps eliminate some of the bias by giving people more middle ground options to represent their feelings.

Edit, I think I might have accidentally broken your post, Did not know I could do that?


I have personal problems with Val. (I love her, but I have problems always when using her).

Because the fucking Monsters won’t stop coming after me. As soon as I’m within range, always going up against either a damn Goliath or Kraken, smash, lightning, smash, I’m on the damn floor, being body-camped, my teammates cowardly and only using their primaries, then POW. Dead.

And once a Medic is gone… your team will shortly follow.



if there is a Hank, monster is screwed


We all love her

She has a strong personality . She empowers women .


Indeed, she does. C:


I love val, she’s been my main medic since the day I got the game (around when patch 5.0 was released)… And I gotta say she is quite a strong one compared to the other medics. I feel like she is balanced, but more viable than any other medic. Pair her up with hank or sunny and you got a rough match as monster. Good thing about her is, her medgun can’t keep up with monster’s hard focus damage. Caira’s healing potential is better than Val’s and always has been, but this doesn’t mean her actual healing always is. They are saying all medics are being buffed to val status, and I accept those changes 100%! Still waiting for the return of those pain in the ass caira and hank comps on ranked and not those cheese slim and hank comps.


Let’s get more votes to know the state of val . What should be done about her in the MP / 9.0 TU .


as a medic main i know ur pain (especially if the support isn’t helping you out) but jetpack recharge is your friend, my guy :v:


As someone who plays a lot of medic, I know that feelz.

Which is why I think its important to balance out your team comps if you’re playing without a friend or a cooperative team.

Like if the team has a defensive support with a hard trapper, then its safe to play any medic.
If the team has doesn’t have a defensive support but has a hard trapper, then a team with stronger healing (Vals) would be safer.
If team goes offensive support with a soft trapper, medics with good survivabilty will be required. Laz and RV are pretty good at this.

Rogue Val is a generally safe pick for any comp, not as good as Vanilla Val but works pretty well as a jack of all trades kind of medic.


Val will be less troubling after hank / sunny damage nerf . Rework of capacity

Some nerfs towards sunny defensive capability (I expect drone less spammable ) .

Good thing . Val sniper scope will be more useful / easier .


Val+Hank+WLM is currently an extreme pain for monster, you can only play Kraken otherwise you have lost if they dont make heavy positioning mistakes.

Val alone isnt the trouble, i would say she is okay as long as you keep Hank /sometimes Sunny/ away. If you then additionally put a harpoon trap into the mix you’re really dead.

It is really dependend if you look at Val alone or at Val with a strong/the best possible team, then yes Val is OP. Val with a non-shield support is fine, no problems with Val even when there is a harpooning trapper.