Poll: Tournament Bracket System


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This is a poll regarding the upcoming PS4 tournament, and how we would all prefer to handle the bracket system. Up until now I expected to do a traditional bracket, I really hadn’t even considered other options. Then we hit nine people, My initial instinct was a nine man single elimination bracket, my team suggested that we do a round robin style bracket instead. Both have noticeable and reasonable pros and cons so I’ve decided to let all of us vote on it instead of just doing what I want, I’ll post the pros and cons to give you a feel.

Seeded Bracket

Pros-It’s fast, single elimination. If you win, you progress, the opponents naturally fall off over time, this could be looked at as a pro or a con. Less, matches, less time consuming, it will only take about 3 weeks to complete, it’s clear, it’s easy.

Cons- It’s incredibly unfair. Simply put, it’s a seeded tournament. The only problem, I have no reliable way to rank you guys. All I can do is either random draw, or rank you by your in game global ranking. 1) ranking doesn’t determine skill, so we could potentially have the two best teams play in the first round. 2) we don’t have an even bracket, meaning not only does rank not represent skill, but lower rank players are at a notable disadvantage.

Round Robin

Pros- It’s fair. For those of you who don’t know, a round robin bracket is where every team plays each other once. If you win, you get a point. If you lose, your opponent gets a point. The team with the most points at the end of the tournament plays the team with the second most points to determine the winner. The team with the third most points plays the team with the fourth most points to determine third place. Incredibly fair and honest and reliable.

Cons-It’s slow, like really really slow. It will most likely take us around 10 weeks to finish the point gathering, not including the two finals. So far we have ten entries, meaning each team will play nine best of five series. That’s at least 27 matches per team, and at least 243 matches across the board. I mention this because somebody agreed to help shout cast matches and stream them on twitch, which is near impossible to do with 243 different matches, as opposed to the seeded tournaments 27 matches.

Democracy is life itself, so I’d love to get your feedback.

  • Seeded Bracket
  • Round Robin


I don’t know enough about these teams tbh but still put in a vote lol


If you wanted you could even do a double elimination bracket to even up the stakes for random bracket positioning


I think a double elimination would be good it would still take the same number of weeks just more games more views more fun
And the people who get placed against the best team day 1 aren’t forgotten out of the equation if they are really good or just had a bad game


I like the idea of the Round Robin more for as us. PS4 Evolve players, because we get to know each other a little better and coming more as a community to say, 2k Studios, look at us we need more tournaments as a statement.
But also the fact, its more like a league, fighting for a spot instead a simple knock-out tournament. Granted I know some teams were just form for this tournament alone in a short amount time, and ten weeks to complete on tournament may seem long for some players.

Seeded stuff is want I kinda draw back from, as some teams may face more opponents than others. I really do want to face all these teams and see what each have to offer and differ from each other.

@lz363 I have also have my own twitch stream where I can shout cast some of matches need be, but I know some people might say “he is just scouting our teams games”. But if you need more streams to help for the tournament let me know :wink:

End of day, whichever tournament style gets pick, I just hope the PS4 scene of Evolve gets notice more and we become more aware of players around us.


valid point, I’ll make the edit


Never mind, I can’t edit polls. If the data is split or really close to it I’ll consider going with double elimination


Either is fine. Jus depends on how much time people have. Can’t wait to get some really good games in :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:!!!


Round Robin, played a few Titanfall community tourneys before.

best way would be to spilt the pool into two groups.

  • do a round robin in each group.

  • best two of each group face each other.

  • winner of each group then face each other for the finals while the losing team from the semi finals duel for who gets third place.


I love this idea, solves a lot of problems. This will most likely be what I do, especially if the poll stays split like this


Of course when we played Titanfall we had multiple matches running at the same time as I believe at least one person was required to stream the match. We also had someone keeping score so even with 8-12 teams we could do the tourney in less than four-five hours.


Yeah if this wasn’t such a casual tournament I would do that stuff, but it’s more about trying to keep the competitive scene alive than anything else


I think it’s manageable, we mostly ran it ourselves. Of course we had TS.


Interesting. I’ll reach out to captains to see if they can do it. What’s TS?


TeamSpeak. sorry, I also should mention that the Titanfall community was almost all on PC. But I believe Evolve can work for conoles jusr as well as we have observe mode.


I agree. Hopefully I can get most teams to stream, but getting it done in 5 hours will be tough. Especially with all the load times, and switching between hunters and monster so often.


Justif it takes too long, try doing the round Robin for one day and have the semi finals and finals on another day. Weekends are a great time.


Yeah for sure, worst case scenario it takes a couple weeks, no big deal. I’ll push the idea for sure, hopefully I can do more of these so getting done faster is helpful


I know my team would be interested in doing a long tournament with round robin style sort off like a league, but with this happening so close to our finals week we’d prefer a short one for now


quick question is sunny allowed now that the patch released