Poll: To Med/High Ranked Monsters


All these questions are about/for med/high Ranked Monsters (silver master +)

What is your main perk against good Hunter teams (silver master +) ? Against Hunter team within your rank

  • Armor Regenerates 175%
  • Climb Speed 50%
  • CDR 20%
  • Damage Bonus 10%
  • Damage Resistance 10%
  • Feeding Speed 75%
  • Movement Speed 25%
  • Smell Range 75%
  • Stamina Increase 30%

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If you know that most/all of the hunters have chosen movement speed perk …

What would you choose ?

  • Armor Regenerates 175%
  • Climb Speed 50%
  • CDR 20%
  • Damage Bonus 10%
  • Damage Resistance 10%
  • Feeding Speed 75%
  • Movement Speed 25%
  • Smell Range 75%
  • Stamina Increase 30%

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Good hunters that have

Map knowledge / communication / Tracking / positioning / Spreading out / holding the monster into where they want to place the doom / Good jet pack management / 7.1 surrounding Headset

Do you think the 25% movement perk for hunters is too much if it added to this equation specially when the doom placement takes 1 second ?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes

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Do you feel the game forces you somehow to pick movement/Traversal recharge perk to be safe / able to win ? Against hunter team within your rank

[Poll name=kpoyd]

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes

Do you think (Rogue val - Cabot - wasteland Maggie ) damage comb Is OP ?

[Poll name=ydes]

  • Yes
  • Yes, Only against some Monsters
  • No

TRS asked you to Pick 1 hunter to be nerfed/tone down from each class … what would it be ?

:assault: Assault :assault:

  • Markov
  • Blitz Markov
  • Hyde
  • Parnell
  • Torvalds
  • Lennox
  • None

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:trapper: Trapper :trapper:

  • Maggie
  • WLM
  • Griffin
  • Abe
  • Crow
  • Jack
  • None

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:support: Support :support:

[Poll name=rewsc]

  • Hank
  • Tech Hank
  • Bucket
  • Cabot
  • Sunny
  • Kala
  • None

:medic: Medic :medic:

  • Val
  • Rogue Val
  • Lazarus
  • Caira
  • Slim
  • Emet
  • None

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If TRS asked you … What perk do you feel is overwhelming and needs to be nerfed/toned down for Hunters generally ?

  • Capacity 40%
  • Damage Bonus 10%
  • Damage Reduction 10%
  • Health Regen 30
  • Jet pack Recharge 75%
  • Jump Height 300%
  • Movement Speed 25%
  • Quick Switch 100%
  • Reload Speed 30%
  • None

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At The higher Ranks + the more you climb up : hunters within the same level as the monster tend to have a Slight advantage over monsters ? Is that true ?

  • Yes
  • No

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What do monsters need ? With the exception of Kraken

All of these answers should be within a small reasonable change like 5% - 10% … Feel free to decide

  • Higher damage Output
  • Higher level of control
  • Higher Health
  • lower Trapper CC effect
  • Higher Traversals
  • Wild life threat to make hunters back out
  • Lower Birds notification
  • Stronger Stage 3 Monster
  • Nothing
  • Other (please specify in the comment section )

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Thanks for the Vote


Well pro play proves that is incorrect. I will say Monsters take far more skill and thinking than a working hunter team but don’t have a advantage unless you are playing a monster that needs changes. i.e. Wraith which apparently is being changed in the future.


Looking at the opinions expressed, the bias in these questions are exceptionally high, and as stated below me by @10shredder00, if you’re trying to make a poll, leave out personal opinions.

There are a large number of issues with the game, all of which have been address, as we now wait for the holy grail: TU9 :trophy:

The issues expressed via this discussion, are due to a fundamental misunderstanding of how “Asymmetrical Multiplayer” works. These games are not only fundamentally IMPOSSIBLE to balance, but each option/play-style will APPEAR to be overpowered against anyone that is not prepared for the outcome.

In regards to the issues you clearly have with the “Move Speed” perk.

You’re in a street race.
Your opponent has faster car than you.
How do you win?
Slash his/her tires.

There are 2 lessons here:

  1. Dont race me for pink slips
  2. Dont think linearly

Think of different ways to solve your problem, if your opponent is maxing mobility, matching them, isn’t the solution. The solution to additional mobility, is either control, or damage. Choose wisely, and choose appropriately to your play-style.

Over the course of March, there will be many people creating content to help teach/guide players from this mentality.

Best of luck.


Throwing your own opinion into the mix skews results and gives you inaccurate information.

You’ve successfully devalued the opinions made in the final poll by adding this because if someone feels he shouldn’t get it then they’d comment “With the exception of Kraken of course.”

But by adding this you’ve skewed results by adding your own bias into the equation.


Everyone knows Kraken needs a damage nerf, movement buff. You cannot deny that.


If anything I believe he prevented the results being skewed by removing the outlier. I disagree that this was a bad thing to do. (Insert what @Torvald_Stavig said, here)



Except I can and will :no_mouth:


apparently polls are out of 99% now…:cry:


Very informative polls!
I just wonder if people follow your criteria of 1) silver master+ and 2) being actually monster player. Regarding (2) I am slightly surprised with the results of…


As with many of his Polls, his wording isn’t the best imo.
Again, he just makes a statement and asks for agreement or disagreement. In this case “yes” would mean hunters have an advantage and “no” would mean, it’s either balanced or monsters have an advantage.
Just by asking the question the way he did it’s already 2:1 in favor of “no”.


It’s community standard to think hunters have an advantage over monster

You can look at other polls to get to the conclusion that weather those votes were about balance / it favor the monsters

Tu 9.0 will be in the summer … after 2 months +

Monsters voice will be heard

I care about making the game balanced & fair for both sides … solving issues that med/high monsters face

It’s important that we listen to them … monster are more frustrated than hunters are in high levels

If one has largely higher vote than all votes … . it will give Some indication

It will definitely help TRS team to make sure we have the best possible TU


Climb Speed masterrace.

Also, I gotta say I’m… disgusted, for lack of a better word, by how after the tiny buff in the last patch people are already voting for Slim to be in most need of receiving a nerf.

Seriously, peeps? Last patch you all voted for Slim to be the worst, now he gets a tiny buff that still doesn’t help him being trash when targeted or completely outshined by every other Medic against Kraken or Wraith and you suddenly think he needs a nerf?

Think before you vote. I main Goliath and Slim is very effective against him, but I won’t vote for a nerf just because of that. I realize Slim is really not that great against some other Monsters.
Just like Lennox. Just like Parnell.


It may most likely be the Hank/Slim combo.

Not to mention the spore cloud.


Well, indeed. For me Hank + Slim combo, with Slim focusing on spore cloud spamming is nightmare.
I am not calling for Slim nerf though. I AM CALLING FOR HIS REMOVAL ! … just dreaming :wink:

[edit:] no, “nightmare” is bad word. It suggests this is powerful combo. The point for me is that spore-spamming Slim players ruin this game for me. I cannot see anyone (almost). I cannot fight. I cannot play my favorite game.


Which sucks, but I consider this more of an issue than Slim’s main selling point considering it affects each player differently, something a core game mechanic should not.

I’m all for Spore Cloud overhauls so they don’t ruin the game for some while being a mild inconvenience for others. But I’d just like for Slim not to be so stupidly easy to focus down.
Even when Hank shields, it’s easy to burst through that shield while Slim still hardly gets any self-healing done thanks to the constant tumbling.

The only reason this weakness isn’t already painfully exploitable is because for many players the Spore Cloud makes playing Monster unbearable.

I myself am not really affected by them all that much anymore after all those blasted matches against Slim and his pre-nerf Spore Clouds, but I can definitely see why others might still hate them and personally I just hate how Slim, like every other character that shoots pellets instead of 1 bullet at a time, is balanced around bigger targets which makes him super vulnerable to Kraken and Wraith.

Just my 2 cents though.


Actually I decided yesterday, that I run “anti-Slim training with bots” - to try to get used to and be able to spot him without sniff outline. But I am not going to increase my screen brightness - this is sick for me. I want to have my gamma at optimal level, not some crazy extreeme just to counter that ugly guy :confused:


I don’t think hunters have an advantage.


Less wonky and frustrating movement around terrain for all but Wraith and Kraken. Or don’t you just love it when Bob bounces like a pinball or Goliath surfs off cliffs in slow motion? ^^


I have about a thousand stories of such moments that I would love to sit down for and talk about.

But good god would increased mobility or breakable terrain help some Monsters out.