Poll: #TeamWraith or #TeamHyde?


I know that the main topic is there but I don’t think I can make a poll other than in it’s own topic. I was wondering where people stand for the challenge and what skin they want to win:

  • Voodoo Wraith Skin
  • Predator Hyde Skin

I personally want the Wraith skin because I use elite skins on all my hunters and monsters but I might actually use Voodoo Wraith if it looks good, whereas nothing beats Hyde’s elite skin.

Main Thread: Weekend Challenge: Hyde Vs Wraith (Wraith has won!)

POLL: Will you be playing Wraith or Hyde this weekend?
Poll: which skin you want to win? Hyde vs Wraith
Wraith vs Hyde polls
Poll: which skin you want to win? Hyde vs Wraith

Voodoo Wraith is beautiful. I’ll be on #TeamWraith!


#TeamWraith cuz damn that skin is smexy :heart_eyes:


The hunters shall suffer this weekend :wraith:


#TeamHyde’ XD looks like no one’s on my side.

I will melt many Wraith faces this weekend :smiley_cat:


Wraith, of course. I’ll abduct or blast people out of the very convenient toxic clouds. Hell, I’ll create my very own convenient bubble of death and destruction. I’ll pass on the ability to create a copy of myself, though.


Where’s the dislike button :-1: lol jk I look forward to the competition :wink:




Have you some pictures of predator skins, or a Wraith Vodoo ?

(I have to say, that Goliath vodoo is -in my opinion- the best skin so far, all monsters included !)


Monster skins > Hunter skins



I’ll put it in the main post as well so that people who haven’t seen the main thread can see the picture and I’ll probably link the main thread as well


I think I just broke the poll :grimacing:


It’s working.


Lol just had to refresh the page apparently.



besides hydes gold skin is to good not to use


Time to get my ghost on.


Team Wraith, definitely. Fiercely.
That Hyde skin is ok but the Voodoo Wraith looks amazing.


It’s much easier to appreciate monster skins instead of hunter skins simply because you can actually see the monster skins pretty good. Maggie is the only Hunter I can really tell that has a skin on and that is because of Daisy.

I’d also be much more inclined to use my Elite Hunter skins over the free ones. Wraith Voodoo does look pretty cool also. I guess I’ll be playing Sky Wraith all weekend to help the cause.


That’s the exact reason why I see Wraith winning this weekend. Just wanted to see how many agreed and it’s pretty one sided so far.